1. Sweet Sixteen

    10/12/2017: I’m thirty-seven and my wife, Alma, is thrity-nine. We’ve been married for seventeen years. It’s a good marriage. We’re a good match and the sex life is okay, if mundane. Some weeks we do it two or three times and other times two weeks can slip by and we don’t do anything. It’s all kind of cut and dried. Alma has a little brother, Dennis, and by “little” I mean he’s twenty-three years read Sex Story
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  2. The school counsellor, part 2

    10/11/2017: Part 2. “I knew you’d be back!” Gary said as he greeted me. “Of course, you did say the job was mine!” I laughed. “You still on for that stag tomorrow night?” He asked. “You bet, looking forward to it,” I replied. “Good, but its fifteen now, still ok?” “I told you last night, I can handle twenty,” I said, wondering if I really could handle even ten. It was a fantasy. A fantasy I was anxious to experience. I walked to the bar. The young barmaid from yesterday was again serving, the one who had watched me being fucked, spit roasted. “Hi sweetie, what can I get you? She asked. “S read Sex Story
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  3. MILF

    10/11/2017: Adam and I had been friends since preschool. I had spent quite a lot of time at his house and he at mine. It wasn’t until the last year or two that I realized how incredibly beautiful his mom was. I arrived at Adam’s house one afternoon after school to help him with his math homework and even though I’d been told to just walk in, I rang the doorbell. “Alex, you know you can walk right on in.” his mom answered the door in shorts and a tank top. I swallowed hard before replying. “I’m just trying to be respectful Mrs. G.” She smiled and tilted her head slightly, “Adam isn’t home yet, base read Sex Story
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  4. My Teacher the MILF

    10/10/2017: My senior year in High School was anything but uneventful. My schedule wasn't very tough as I only had 3 classes. In my last class of the day I was a "Teachers Assistant" for a math class. The teacher Mrs. Brown was an attractive lady in her mid 40s. To say she was a MILF would be an understatement. She had told me that she put all her tests on a flash drive so that she could just keep them handy whenever she needed to have them printed I could print them off the computer. Sometimes she would surprise the students with a pop quiz. One day I was sitting at the computer arranging the tests and I read Sex Story
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  5. More than a Handful - An Adult Story

    10/9/2017: I had known Mike for about five years. We were pretty good friends. We had almost all the same classes in school. We dated the same girls and hung out with the same group of friends almost every day. I would do anything in my power to come to his house anytime he asked if I wanted to come over. Besides the big pool at his house or his room that had everything you ever wanted. He had the greatest Mom ever. She was the number one thing no other of my friends had? His hot overly developed Mom; she was the hottest looking MILF in town. Mrs. Tia Smalls. I never missed a chance to check he read Sex Story
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  6. My Son Seduced And Fucked Me Hard: Mom Son i****t

    10/9/2017: I am Jhumli resident of Delhi. This is my story. I am 38 years old and married. I have a son who is 20 years by now. My husband has export and import business, he has always been very busy with his work and hardly he was able to and ready to give time. One day when I was washing his clothes I found a set of used condoms in his pocket, I was shocked as we did not have sex in last 6 months . So why he would need that, later I found out that he is having an affair with his office colleague and they do regular sex. I was heart broken and devastated. Anyway coming back to the story, for me m read Sex Story
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  7. One Night in Hoboken

    10/9/2017: One Night in Hoboken In March of 2008, my wife went to Puerto Rico for a week to visit f****y. I decided to take the opportunity to fulfill a fantasy I had for a long time. It would end up going much farther than I anticipated. Three months earlier I had found a small lingerie boutique in the downtown area of Hoboken, NJ that catered to crossdressers. It was only 20 minutes from my house so I visited several times, but never had the courage to buy anything. After 3 or 4 visits, the owner (Jessica) approached me and said she noticed I came in often. She told me there was nothing to fear read Sex Story
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  8. Slave Training

    10/6/2017: Heather was waking up from her nap, and was regretting it already. She wasn't a nap person, and was now facing one good hour of headaches. It beat facing the full brunt of a seven-hour long flight, but for some reason, the headache was really severe this time. "Hmmmngh...dammit..." She had shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and cute features marred by baggy eyes and a few freckles. She certainly couldn't be confused for a guy, even with her tendency to wear practical male clothing, but her body did lack any noteworthy curves. Heather was, through and through, an ordinary g read Sex Story
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  9. Jisu Oh

    10/6/2017: I liked all of my students, even the rowdy boys who disrupted the class and distracted others, even the girls who sat as far back in the corners of the classroom as possible so they could use their phones. I could never be hard on them, considering they came to the academy after grinding out a full day of school. Instead of spending their afternoon eating snacks and unwinding in front of read Sex Story
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  10. School Nurse Confidential, Ch. 3

    10/5/2017: My whole world was different. Ever since Nurse Cady had opened my eyes (as well as her pussy), I was seeing things in a new light. I sat in fourth period English and stared at Mrs. Hughes moving around in front of the class talking excitedly about Catcher in the Rye . I’d never paid much attention to her before, but now I was compelled to study her in a new way. She was tall and slim read Sex Story
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  11. Bobby The "Bull" (An Interview)

    10/5/2017: (In a continuing series of interviews regarding the over-all 'cuckold lifestyle', I am speaking here today with 'Bobby', a young African-American male who has been quite involved lately with a number of couples, all white married couples, from the so-called 'South.' I wish to thank 'Bobby' for this opportunity to delve further into this fascinating phenomenon!) Q. So, if you don't mind me asking, how many white married couples have you been involved with since you got starting being a Bull? A. I've been with 36 different married couples. Q. Wow. 36. Amazing. And were they all whi read Sex Story
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    10/3/2017: The whole chain of events of that one particular day began when my mom came home with a new hair style. It was done on a whim and was much shorter than I had ever seen it. She was nervous and uncertain of her new look and tugged self consciously at it. I immediately voiced my approval. It emphasized the angles of her face that were previously hidden. My father's opinion was not so kind as he gave it a harsh assessment, "You look like a dyke," he said and turned his attention back toward the television and the war movie playing. Mom's reation to this comment was one of deep hurt and s read Sex Story
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  13. Wife share fantasy

    10/2/2017: This story starts with me and my wife, m28 f26, both quite open and willing to a degree but sex has somewhat died off and become routine. In an attempt to spice things up we recently began to explore toys and roleplay. My wife being into vibrators and f***ed scenarios. When we first met sex was always great and frequent and she told me often she watched porn her choices were mainly cumshots, dp and threesomes. At first i was a little freaked out by this but as time has gone on ive really begun to grow fond of the thought of her getting off to it. One sunday afternoon recently the topic of n read Sex Story
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  14. Good Solution Part 2

    10/2/2017: The last Laura knew about her Friday night out was the clock that read 10:18pm. The sheet around her sated body became a cocoon that carried her away to beyond the realms of reality. A place where thoughts refused to linger, where the body was oblivious to the creases of cotton sheets and where the colour of the night was a close companion. When Laura first laid her eyes upon Dean, her read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: Gallo, Source: LushStories
  15. Mistaken identity

    10/2/2017: Zoe arrived home both angry and frustrated. Since she succumbed to her boyfriend’s pleas to give up her virginity about two weeks ago, they had only had sex once. Zoe’s unwillingness to submit to his constant requests now seemed unexplainable. In fact the night she gave up her cherry changed her completely. It was like a eureka moment, the feelings and sensations she experienced on that first night opened up a whole new world to her. Yes she had often masturbated, and had regularly felt horny, as if something was missing in her life. The emotional sensation as her boyfriend pushed his hard coc read Sex Story
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  16. My Step-Grandfather Daddy Joe Visits

    10/1/2017: I've been such a bad girl recently. My mother and step-father recently went on vacation. I’m still in high school and my step-father asked his father to come and stay with me. So technically, he’s my step-grandfather. We’re not related at all. And since we're not related, I planned on having sex with him. This was going to be a very interesting week. Although, Daddy Joe did not know what I read Sex Story
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  17. 87 Avis gives Jon`s father`s day treat

    10/1/2017: 87 Avis gives Jon`s father`s day treat Yesterday was Fathers Day here and since I have no k**s of my own and Carmen has hers from her first marriage, she still treats me to dinner and whatever I want. Avis and I decided to pay a visit to this favourite place of ours and so we drove over to an adult bookstore for what we had hoped would be a nice little visit. Avis dressed in a sheer white blouse, left her bra off so that her tits were outlined, short sandy coloured skirt and of course, 4" white stiletto heels. They have a booth in there that can handle 4 people so we took that read Sex Story
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  18. My step mom and I at the pool

    9/30/2017: “You are in the pool again, Eric?" she asked, walking on the sidewalk towards our underground pool, wearing a white blouse and black skirt through the summer heat as the sun was toasting everything in sight even at six o clock in the evening. “Yes, how was work?” I wondered, treading in the water. “To sum it up: bullshit," she answered, as her hands met her hips. “Well, why don't you read Sex Story
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  19. First time hotwife part1

    9/29/2017: My wife and I have been married for 25 years we are both in our mid 40's and we are in the lifestyle. It was not something that was planned or even talked about. We met our freshman year of college and started dating soon after and married our Jr. Year. My wife has always been a player from the beginning she dated football and basketball players in the early years behind my back., I always suspected it but at the same time i was in denial, friends told me but I just couldn't see what was going on because I was so deeply in love with her, l guess I need to describe her a little. When we met she read Sex Story
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  20. stuttering Jeremy -4

    9/29/2017: "I want to see you naked," he whispers, just as I'm about to suggest he move on. Fuck! He's even reading the signals correctly. He leaves a trail of kisses down my stomach as he locates the zipper on the side of my skirt and pulls it down. I lift my ass off the bed so he can slide my skirt over my hips and then I raise my feet up so he can remove it completely. With my skirt gone, I spread my legs and watch Jeremy kneel on the bed between my thighs. Nuzzling his face against the front of my white panties, he traces my pussy lips with his tongue. The material is pretty wet already from my ar read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Taboo, Author: stif266, Source: xHamster