1. Cucking Andy - Episode 1

    4/18/2018: This is the first in a series of stories about Andy and Amanda. Most cucking stories are told by the cuck but this one is different, it's told by the Hotwife. But if you want to here it all from the Cuck's perspective then read Awaking Amanda - Episode 1 One warm Saturday afternoon in late summer my husband Andy and I were having friends over for a garden party to celebrate the completion of our house makeover. Both the k**s were on sl**povers so we'd made it an all adult affair and despite my initial protests Andy had hired a jacuzzi for the day which was positioned 'centre stage' in our n read Sex Story
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  2. Step Sister Walks in on Me (part 2)

    4/18/2018: “Carrie who the hell is that?" “Kevin, I told you it’s your surprise.” I was really panicking since both my step sister and I were fully naked, after pulling out of her pussy to take a break. “Oh Kevin, you think you’re taking a break? Well you’re going to be fucking this cunt of mine the whole day.” “Carrie seriously, who’s at the fucking door?” Carrie got up quickly and ran read Sex Story
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    4/17/2018: It was several months after my encounter with Jake that my husband Jim and I were relaxing while watching some television one evening when a passionate love scene was burning up the screen! I glanced over at Jim and noticed him viewing the action with that intent look he gets when his mind is fantasizing. I don't remember what movie was on, but it had several erotic love scenes in it though it wasn't a porno. I knew that it would just be a matter of time before Jim suggested I meet another guy. This time however, I intended to bring up the subject first and tell him of my fantasy! The read Sex Story
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  4. More than an Office bonus

    4/16/2018: Soooo, I started a new job a while ago and moved to a much smaller business. Before I'd work in extremely corporate environments where everyone was in business attire and there was a very serious atmosphere in the office. My roles have always been financial and quite straight laced. It's a go go go environment. The new place however is very different pace of life. I still have a lot of responsibility and I'm semi senior, but we have some pretty high flyers because everyone is generally qualified in whatever field they are in. no one just has a diploma or standard qualifications, almost eve read Sex Story
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  5. The Miss-adventures of Michelle Section 1, Chapter

    4/16/2018: Chapter 5 Memories of the first weekend with the guys and the girls together danced through my mind the following week. My cock strained against the fabric of my shorts as I tried to keep busy by working in the yard finally getting some of the landscaping duties finished I had been delaying. It didn’t matter what I was doing, my mind would recall the texture of each cock as it slid between my lips. The feeling of Tonya’s breasts against my back and the image of her naked on the sofa rubbing her sweet pussy intermingled with the images of the other girls sitting there watching me suck thei read Sex Story
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  6. Life's a Beach

    4/16/2018: Chapter One: On the beach The weather had finally cleared, a week at the beach and it had taken until Thursday for the sun to come out. Bill dropped his towel onto the hot sand, kicking of his shoes and shorts he slid his T-shirt off before lying face down on his towel. "Better put some sun cream on Billy or you'll burn" He turned his head to look at his mom who was spreading a towel beside him. "I guess" "Here I'll do it" With that Mary Price knelt beside her teenage son, squirting sun cream onto his back she worked it in. Not for the first time she found herself feeling read Sex Story
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  7. Anal Beach Party

    4/15/2018: My friends always call me crazy when I tell them I love anal sex. Even today, as a 21 year old girl, still trying to explore and expand my sexual horizons, I have always found anal sex very pleasurable and exciting. The biggest complaint I hear from my friends is that it is physically painful. I must have never received that text because it gives me some of my strongest orgasms. I believe that anatomically speaking, I may be unique in the fact when I feel a nice hard cock sliding in and out of my ass, it vibrates something inside me which feels like it hits my g-spot. I am unsure if I have read Sex Story
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  8. 8 Accidental Orgasms, a Girls orgasmic Journey

    4/15/2018: I started experiencing them from a very young age. I never knew what these wonderful feeling were, and sometimes I would tell my mother, in all my innocence, and sometimes my father, who of course encouraged me to have more. Female orgasms. There I have said it, the thing that makes girls want to interact and have fun, with men and women, but mostly, with yourself. Over the years as I grew up, I have experienced them at the oddest of times, whenever my crotch came under some sort of physical stress, I would explode, 'You have a hyper sensitive clitoris', someone once told me, even when t read Sex Story
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    4/15/2018: I was about 12 or 13. My mother and I were supposed to go out someplace - I really don't remember where but I remember I had to get dressed up for it. I walked into my mother's room. She was in front of the mirror and had a short robe on. She turned to me and said "I want you to take a shower before we leave. So hurry up." "Ok," I said. And turned to walk out of the room. As I crossed the threshold she told to stop. She looked at me. "I can tell your going to take way too long." She hesitated. Then said "Here, jump in the shower with me and we can be quick." 'No, I don't want to d read Sex Story
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  10. Sons Are so Hard Haeded

    4/14/2018: Chapter 1 – Piling on Straws "Brock!" Oh shit, I was busted again. My mother, Roseanna, stared at me with a fiery gaze, her eyes like penetrating lasers. "How many times Brock! How many times do I have to tell you not to fist that, that, that big filthy prick in my living-room!" mother yelled. I sat completely still, silent and stunned with my mouth and eyes wide open. Mother must've been really heated. I had heard her curse a few times already, but not regularly, and only once before was it directed at me. Evidently I struck a nerve, a deep rooted nerve. This made the third time that read Sex Story
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  11. Sally and Jenny foursome

    4/14/2018: It’s a feeling most men will probably never experience, the moment when your cock brushes against another cock, as a sexy young girl tries to wrap her mouth around the two of you, as she attempts her first double blow job. Sally’s mouth was stretched wide, as her tongue flicked over the purple head of my cock, her left hand stroking my hard flesh up and down, her saliva lubricating me. Her head bobbed from my cock to Mike’s, a young black man, who she had been dating for several months. Her right hand masturbating him, his fully erect cock was a little longer than mine, but not quite as thick read Sex Story
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  12. The Dating Game - introduction

    4/13/2018: Hey, y'all, what's up?... :) First of all, since this is the introduction of some incredible stuff I want to share to you...let me introduce myself: - I'm 31 yo; - I live in Europe; - I'm really into my job; - I love sports; - I lllllove women. :) I was thinking this days...which would be the secret of happiness for a man? That 1 billion dollars question, whose answer would REALLY make a guy happy?... Would that be... how can I be rich? how can I get a nice car? how can I eat without getting fat? - this just might be the 1 billion dollars question for a woman...:)) but, altho read Sex Story
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