1. daddau

    11/21/2017: Christmas break had finally come and my daughter, Julie, had come to stay with me instead of her mom. She hadn't been home since the summer and I missed her dearly. I was also very lonely without her in the house. We didn't have many plans for the break but I knew we would be seeing a lot of each other. Her first few nights home were pretty uneventful. She had gone out to see her old friends most of the time and we finally had a night together. I left work early so I could still get to the gym. I decided to go home to shower so we could start making plans. I walked in and gave her a kiss on th read Sex Story
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  2. Orphans Of The Storm

    11/20/2017: Paul Simon's classic song Graceland drifts through the car radio, and fills my head with her image. It's as if she's sitting next to me, her bare feet on the bash board singing out-of-tune with the rhythmic beat of the uneven tarmac. For a woman in her mid-sixties my mother knew a good song when she heard one, and this is one of her favourites. Pushing the volume button and I join her in read Sex Story
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  3. Is it really taboo?

    11/20/2017: My name is Steve, I'm 30 years old and spent six years as a US Naval SeaBee. Because of my military training, I've been taught to think rationally in difficult situations. In combat, circumstances can change in a matter of minutes. Things can go bad very quickly, so you're trained to adapt. I use rational thinking in every aspect of my civilian life now. Being human, sometimes I make read Sex Story
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  4. Matty

    11/20/2017: Matty was really excited when she got her acceptance letter into University of Wisconsin. Best of all, she was going to get to live off campus with her step-brother, who was entering his junior year. She had always been very close to her brother, Marty…or, as she had called him since she was a baby, Bubby. The whole family thought it was cute, and the Bubby name had stuck. Their parents read Sex Story
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  5. a foot perv 4

    11/19/2017: It was the morning after I had painted Ann's toes for her I had woke up and headed to the kitchen to get a drink. Mom was heading out the door for work and Ann was sitting at the table eating a bowl of corn flakes. I made myself some toast and poured a glass of orange juice and sat at the table across from Ann. As we sat eating our breakfast I asked Ann what she had planned for the day. She told me being the weather was going to be nice she and our cousin Kate were going to just lay around the pool and tan.Kate was the same age as Ann and they did everything together. She then asked if I had read Sex Story
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  6. Crossing The Line

    11/18/2017: I was a typical story from women my age, nonexistent husband, heading to divorce, in my prime and now unable to enjoy it because of a failed marriage. So, I became the world's most fun mom. All my kids' friends loved me. I was now trying to meet someone who could excite me, and eventually replace my husband. When my kids were in high school, a close friend of mine asked me to help her out read Sex Story
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  7. b*****r & Mother In Law

    11/18/2017: b*****r & Mother In Law Summer was right around the corner. I arrive to my girlfriends house to hang out with her f****y. The only thing different this time is that she will not be there. She is on work duties which requires her to travel. The same time I get there her b*****r and mother get back from swimming at their pool located in the middle of their apartment complex. We all step inside and it wasn’t the hottest point of the year yet but good enough. I noticed their moms nipples showing just a bit. They weren’t fully erect but you can surely see enough. She was a two­piece swimming read Sex Story
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  8. Camera slut - part 3

    11/18/2017: I laid in bed, I didn’t want to get up, I was exhausted. But, I needed to pee. I needed a drink. I turned over, trying to ignore what my body was telling me. It was no good. I walked into the en-suite. “Ahh, better,” I thought as I relieved myself. Now a glass of water, I padded down stairs, it was mid morning, so I should have the house to myself. I opened the fridge door, and bent down to grab a bottle of mineral water. “Nice arse Mum,” Mike said, making me jump out of my skin. I turned, opening the bottle. A fortnight ago I would have been mortified that my son had seen me totally naked read Sex Story
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  9. At father-in-law's house

    11/17/2017: Joe had known a woman for nearly ten years now. Her name was Rebecca and she was gorgeous. At 5'3" she was nearly a foot shorter than Joe and her forehead came up to his chest so it always seemed that she was looking up at him with her big blue eyes and cute little smile. But despite her baby doll face, which was round and sprinkled with freckles, she packed a pair of perky D cups and read Sex Story
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  10. My defeate. (Teacher X Student)

    11/17/2017: DISCLAIMER: THIS IS PARTIALLY BASED ON REAL LIFE EVENTS BUT THE AGES AND NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED AND THE STORY IS PARTIALLY MADE UP ON THE SPOT. All my life I was bullied right up until I decided to take matters into my own hands. Sure I would still get bullied for a short while but then it stopped because they'd end up slammed against any hard surface I could find. I stopped taking matters into my own hands when I met a guy. I know I know totally cliché, but this guy was special. Trouble is he was my teacher and I knew that nothing would come of it however it wouldn't stop me from fantasiz read Sex Story
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  11. Fucking a stranger in the back seat

    11/16/2017: Fucking a stranger in the back seat When living in L.A., we had met some nice good neighbors and friends there. One of them was a real nice person. He was an older man called Tom. He was a very kind man and he worked as a private contractor. One Friday evening, as we were sharing a cold beer at the veranda, Victor told him that we were going to spend the week end at a nice cottage some friends had invited us. When Tom heard about the place, he told Victor he had got a contract to work in a near house. So; he asked if we minded if he could come with us. Of course Victor agreed; Tom woul read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster
  12. A Demanding Stepsister IV: You've Been Served!

    11/15/2017: Jack had felt humiliated by his stepsisters tease of having her best friend Sara use him to get revenge, while having Christine herself pound on his hard cock, edging him till he was about to explode and leave him hanging. Their little games of 'tit-for-tat' had been taken to new levels by each of them, and while they both appeared to also get off with their plans coming to fruition, they had read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: John_Doe, Source: LushStories
  13. The Sleeepover – Chapter 4

    11/14/2017: The Sleeepover – Chapter 4 by samslam I wash my face and hands, brush my teeth and get myself presentable for my next contestant. This has turned into the wildest night of my life... and to think it's with my s!ster and her friends! As crazy as we got at some of my college parties, I've never experienced anything like this. As I walk back to the living room, Alex is giving the other girls a detailed description of how she felt during the whole thing. I listen for a minute before I go in. "No one has ever eaten me like that!" she says. "The guys I know just stick their read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: TreborCox, Source: xHamster
  14. Wife has special surprise for husband after 49 day

    11/13/2017: I stayed in the shower a long time this morning. Working hard to get myself very clean and ready for my big day. I paid special attention to cleaning around my cock and balls. The birdcage allowed enough access for a thorough cleaning but not enough to get any pleasure. 49 days I thought to myself. That's the longest I've ever gone being locked up without an orgasm. But today was the big day! The contract with My Mistress (my wife) was very clear. The first lock up was to be 10 days with an orgasm before the 10th day. After that 10 days would be added to each lock up. 20 days, then 30 days, th read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Taboo, Author: XXXNoBounds, Source: xHamster
  15. A 'Cute' Mom

    11/13/2017: I was thinking about one of the things I often think about. Why do we do things? I was also thinking about my mother…pornographic thoughts. The strange thing about it is that I really didn't want to do pornographic things to her. I wanted to do loving things to her. I wanted to have her warm lips pressing on mine as I gently massaged her bare breasts. Where did it all come from? Perhaps from other actions or desires or maybe just a little shot of electro-chemical stuff hits the brain at exactly at the right or wrong time. I had pinned it down to the time I was fifteen and saw my older b**** read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: MrLoverman1986, Source: xHamster
  16. I Shouldn't Feel This Way- Chapter 1

    11/12/2017: Prologue April 7, 2011 2:00 a.m. I am a runaway, lost at sea. I am a broken bird, yearning to fly free. I am a sinner, unworthy and unholy. I am a rose, wilting slowly. I am a raindrop, touching your cheek. I am a child who plays hide and seek. I am nothing, and yet I am everything. I am contradiction and complexities read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: SweetestSins, Source: LushStories
  17. Victor and my new sex toy

    11/12/2017: Victor and my new sex toy It was a lazy Sunday morning in bed. We were snuggling. Back to back. Butt to butt. I woke up first and watched my loving Victor still relaxing for the past hours. We had been fucking all night long like crazy. We had sucked and licked each other; I had been tied to the bed as he had fucked my arse… I turned around and leaned over, kissing him on the neck in way to show him my satisfaction. I looked down and laughed to myself. When I kissed him, the last cum from last night's session dribbled out from his limp penis. I gingerly slipped out of the bed, so that read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Mature, Taboo, Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster
  18. Moms new lover pt 2

    11/11/2017: The second chapter opens up about a month later, and things are not working out so well for Jerry. After a few setbacks with his knee, it was in no better shape than it had been and he was now addicted to pain medication. To make matters worse, his mother, guilt stricken, has completely broken off their sexual relationship. Jerry was ready to spend another beautiful summer afternoon under the shade of the pergola on the back patio of his f****y home. It was a very comfortable and peaceful space to spend time with a tablet, a book, or nothing more than your thoughts and a nice jo read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature, Taboo, Author: duderonsky, Source: xHamster
  19. The Farmer’s Daughter (Chapter 4)

    11/11/2017: Josh picked up a bottle of water and drank it down in one swallow. I just stared. “Okay Jessica, before I begin confessing all my wrong doings, I have a question for you.” “Sure Josh, ask me anything.” “When I told you Lyle wasn’t coming you didn’t seem upset or angry. Why is that?” “I guess I knew in my heart all along that he would rather spend his time with Jimmy. Whatever we do read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: morning_star, Source: LushStories
  20. The Sleeepover - Chapter 12

    11/11/2017: The Sleeepover - Chapter 12 by samslam Over the next couple of weeks, we find a place for me to rent within my price range, get together one night at Kristina's when her parents are gone, and anxiously look forward to moving day. Lauren suggests that Kristina and I ease into the whole dating thing gradually so as not to arouse any suspicion. Lauren, Kristina and my parents help me move into my new home and everyone goes home with no opportunity for the three of us to christen it. Lauren calls me as soon as she gets home. "Damn!" she says when I pick up her call. "I w read Sex Story
    Categories: Group Sex, Taboo, Author: TreborCox, Source: xHamster