1. Inappropriate Gift

    3/6/2018: The doorbell rang. I shut off the vacuum cleaner and answered the door to my apartment. A nice looking delivery man handed me a box and I signed for it. I handed his pen back to him and his bright smile practically buckled my knees. My core warmed in response to his baritone voice when he bid me a good day. I watched him retreat down the steps from my apartment, liking the ebb and follow of read Sex Story
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  2. How I fucked my three aunts-Part 1

    3/5/2018: This story happened during the wedding of my uncle who lived near my house. It would be full a week of entertainment as it was an Indian wedding style. Coming back to the story it happened during the night when the sangeet was being held. My three aunts Reshma,Devina and Arouna aunts were sitting together. They were all looking really sexy with their sarees. Let me describe my three aunts. Let's start by aunt Reshma she has medium seize of boobs, a very sexy ass and she is very fair in short she was very sexy. Aunt Devina was the eldest among them she also had medium seize of boobs but had a b read Sex Story
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  3. I Couldn't Believe That Happened

    3/4/2018: Our house always has been the "cool" place to hang out at. Our daughter and step-daughter's friends have always liked coming over. They would always tell everyone that we were awesome, fun to chill with, really laid-back, and they could stay up all hours of the night having fun. What the girls have never mentioned, thankfully, is that when my wife would go to work on second or third shift, read Sex Story
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  4. f***ed Fun Is Highly Orgasmic for this Girl.

    3/4/2018: I came home one day from school and found my twin b*****r and three of his friends watching one of our parents Porn DVDs. When I entered both his friends were embarrassed and tried to make out they were not interested in what was being shown on out large TV screen. There were the awkwardness of being caught, but as soon as they realized I was easy about the fucking scenes their attitude changed, and the atmosphere completely changed. I was the older girl in the group, one minute older than my twin b*****r, but light years ahead on sexual awareness. 'Frida gives great blow-Jobs', he read Sex Story
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  5. Loving Parent

    3/4/2018: Ruby Crocker was a single mother. Her husband had abandoned their f****y without warning. The excuse was 'I need to sow some wild oats'. The truth was Guy Crocker was a bum. He just didn't want to be responsible for being a husband and father anymore. Ruby had two c***dren to bring up by herself. She adored them so. It was the young parent's intentions to keep them safe and always loved. The mother wishes were that they remember only each other could be relied on. They were f****y and nothing could be more important. Ruby loved her c***dren and wanted them to love each other. The you read Sex Story
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  6. My s****r in law

    3/3/2018: Its hard to say when the feelings i have for my s****r in law first made themselves noticed. I will try to find the perfect word's to describe our adventures. We live in a city of thousands on the coast of Queensland Australia there isnt many words to describe me i am just a average bloke doing a average job in a factory. She (Jenny) is a wonderful women who has a busy but unremarkable life with 4 c***dren and a husband who isnt there for physicaly or emotionally. We first came together after she had told me her problems and said she wanted to leave. The first time we actually had sex was read Sex Story
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  7. Naughty Thoughts About My Stepfather - Part Two

    3/3/2018: “Wanda, get your sweet ass down here and suck my cock. You know how you drive me absolutely wild with your slutty mouth.” “I’m coming Michael. You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” “I don’t want you fucking my son, so I have to keep you busy.” I ran down the stairs to give Michael a blow job. We've been getting together a lot since our first meeting. My mother has been traveling a read Sex Story
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  8. The New Guy (Chad and Marcie Part 1)

    3/3/2018: “Have you seen the new IT guy yet Marcie?” my friend and colleague Bianca came barreling into my office just before lunch. “As a matter of fact I have,” I started to say “I’ll bet he’s a tomcat in bed, all nerdy guys fall into one of two categories you know,” “Bianca,” I said trying to stop her. “Most of them are so grateful that you’ve paid any attention to them at all that they’re willing to eat your pussy for hours without asking for anything in return.” “Bianca,” I said again trying to stop her. “The others don’t know what they’re doing because all they do is sit in their mom’s basem read Sex Story
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  9. Harry and the Milfs 1

    3/3/2018: Lily Potter was enjoying her new relationship with her son Harry and thought it was time to teach him something new. She got in touch with her close and best girl friend Alice Longbottom. Alice was in the same boat as her. Her husband was on the same assignment that Lily’s was out on and her son was spending time with the Weasleys this summer. So that meant Alice had time to do some ‘teaching’. Harry entered his mother’s bedroom to see his mother and his godmother in a 69. His eyes bulged and his cock harden at the sight. “Oh, hello Harry dear” Lily said casually as she looked up from Alice’ read Sex Story
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  10. Horny 18 yr old and married man

    3/3/2018:  I was just 18, had split up from my first serious boyfriend and got a job in a local bar (UK, not US!). I was upset after the split and just wanted attention and a good time. After finishing the night in the pub I started getting a taxi onto one of the local nightclubs. One of the drivers was in his late 20's and was easy to talk to . Even though I hadn't before been attracted to older men I found him strangely attractive. We started flirting and I was finding that every time I ordered a taxi it would be him! Things progressed and we ended up having sex every time I had a lift. It was tha read Sex Story
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  11. kate 10 Saturday

    3/2/2018: I woke up around 7.30. Kate was still sl**ping, I peeked under the covers looking at her body, watching her breasts moving up and down with her breathing I got out and made her a cup of tea a placed it on the cabinet by the bed Aww thank you I climbed back into bed She said it was Sally's birthday Sunday, they was going out , but she didn't know if they was sl**ping here or at Sally's Sally had to go to her nans Sunday lunch time, but they had both booked Monday off from work OK I said I will be fine What are you doing today she asked, I told her I was playing football She finished read Sex Story
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  12. More Of The Wild Wierd Women

    3/2/2018: {Note to readers: Once again, I take as my departure, one of my very favorite plays by William Shakespeare, Macbeth!} A fever had begun deep inside Macbeth's heart and soul. The spark had been there all along, even before he had met the three weird women on the heath that cold and rainy day, going on now two years prior...and in that time, he had gone back, again, and again, inexorably drawn, as is the moth drawn to it's funeral pyre, to that rocky enclosure below the ground. Each time that he did so, he was always greeted with same mocking derision of "Hail, Macbeth! Thane of Cawdor, and read Sex Story
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