1. Elizabeth's story: sexual discovery with my stepbrother

    12/11/2016: “Elizabeth’s story: sibling love” Background: I am Elizabeth. Today, I am a happily married woman, age 27 with two small children. The story I am about to tell occurred almost exactly ten years ago, during my senior year in high school, within a year of my stepdad’s death in Afghanistan. Events occurred that I did not plan, and I am not necessarily proud of. My husband, whom I read Sex Story
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  2. the wife and her s****r..

    12/11/2016: it was a Friday night and the the wife's s****r was visiting us as she was going through a rough patch with her husband, we were sat having a drink and the door bell went, Susan asked my wife Jane who could that be? Jane looked at me and i looked puzzled then i remembered i had rang Ged to come over and have some fun with the wife and i, it totally slipped my mind. i looked at Jane and said it was Ged he was popping in for a drink with me! i answered the door and i shut it behind me and told him what was going on he said it was ok he would come again another night, i said no do come in for read Sex Story
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  3. Ghostly Fantasy

    12/11/2016: He had been fascinated with ghosts and ghosts stories since he was a young c***d. Telling scary stories around a campfire with friends, or simply reading books about ghosts and paranormal experiences, it quickly became his life. One myth in particular always piqued his interest. It was the story of a ghostly lover, who would appear floating through a window in sheer white robes, slowly killing its victim with passion and desire. The eroticism always got to him, and many nights he lay in bed, with the window open, hoping against hope, that one night, this lovely vision would enter his room, read Sex Story
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  4. Northern Light

    12/10/2016: Saturday: Constellations Brad awoke in the middle of the dark forest alone, cold and hungry. Through gaps in the trees overhead, spattered across the black canvas, the Milky Way Galaxy brightly split the night sky in half. He'd never seen a sky this dark before in his life. He was miles from civilization and the nearest light source. Darkness and solitude like this simply did not exist in the world he knew. He checked his watch. It was still nearly an hour before dawn. He was so anxious to get going he couldn't sl**p. He turned on his cell phone to check if his mom had messaged him bac read Sex Story
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  5. hot mom -2

    12/10/2016: The moment Jodie saw her son at breakfast the next morning, she knew she had trouble. Her eyes hadn't been playing tricks on her yesterday. Dane really was as cute and sexy-looking as his father. Jodie just didn't trust herself to behave around him. She figured they'd better not be alone together any more than they had to. It would be better to get out of the house. "Dane, how would you like to go on a picnic today?" she asked brightly. "There's a little lake outside of town that's really nice for swimming." "That sounds great, Mom," Dane said. "It feels like it's gonna be a hot day." read Sex Story
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  6. a story about me and not my s****r

    12/10/2016: My life is a bad start, already at the age of 6 I i was in c***d homes because of a difficult f****y situation. Until I was 13 I have lived in five different boarding schools and in foster care. While during the time I lived in the foster home, my guardian to arrange was that I could live at home, only then my mother died. Janet, 20 years older than me (not my s****r, because we can’t talk about i****t), Janet, decided to take care of me and take me into her f****y. She was married and had a son by four at the time. Her husband was an international truck driver and was often days, sometimes read Sex Story
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  7. The Party (League of Legends)

    12/9/2016: *bzzzzzzzzzz* [MESSAGE FROM: ASHE] <<Hi honey, just checking in. Hope Trundle can handle being DD. Text me back.>> It was the end of season wrap party for the Top Lane, as many of the bruisers of Runeterra gathered as a means to relax and have fun after months of beating each other. The crocodile and anubis chatting over their past. The Demacian knight and the Noxian general trying to outbrag each other. The mech-riding yordle trying to communicate with the prehistoric c***d-brained yordle. However in a dark hallway of the party house, one of the Freljord’s finest barbarians found hims read Sex Story
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  8. hot mom -4

    12/9/2016: When Jodie woke the next morning and found her son in bed with her, she gasped. Then she came fully awake and remembered their wild fucking of yesterday, and she shivered with excitement. It hadn't been just a dream. She'd really had the satisfaction she'd craved for so long. Of course, she'd had it with her own son, and that made it a lot different from the average love affair. Also, she'd spent the night fucking with Dane just after she'd gotten engaged to Craig. The whole situation was pretty weird, she had to admit. But wasn't that basically Craig's fault? If he didn't have this sill read Sex Story
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  9. Moni at work

    12/8/2016: This is a true story Hi, Moni here Another true story from my younger days. A long time ago I was working in an office for a large trucking company. There were a few women in the office but all mostly men. Harassment back then was not uncommon and I didn't bother me much, back in the late 70's. I had been married for just under a year now and had just started to be a shared wife and loving it. The guys always leered at me especially the truckers. I had to wear dresses and skirts for work at the time and of course I wore them short, had no others. A few guys were fairly nice and g read Sex Story
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  10. I Loved This New Genre

    12/8/2016: Today i m pen downing an unforgettable event happened in my lifetime, still fresh in my thought. To be frank this is the only other sexual exploration of me other than my boyfriend and my hubby. Hope you guys enjoy it… let me say about myself.. I am Kavitha, 33 years old, from Tamil Nadu, happily married since 5 years and having a beautiful angel. This incident happened before 8 years in a bus journey to Bangalore. It was a month since my boy-friend left to Bangalore. Before that we were very happy spending lite moments in the same office. I left the job recently at that time, s read Sex Story
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  11. A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 06

    12/7/2016: It was a cloudy Friday afternoon when we pulled up the driveway that led to Becca's parent's house. “We're here,” Becca announced, as she parked her car and unbuckled her seatbelt. I unbuckled my seatbelt and started to get out of the car, but Becca grabbed my left shoulder and motioned for me to remain in my seat. “Hold on,” Becca said. “There's something that we need to talk about first.” “A couple f****y rules?” I wondered. “For the most part, we don't have any rules,” Becca replied. “But there are some... boundaries.” “Boundaries?” I repeated. “What are you talki read Sex Story
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  12. Mi historia

    12/7/2016: Hola, ya pasaron muchos años y quizas por eso me llego la hora de contar mi historia, una parte de la historia personal que todos guardamos escondida y que solo nuestra memoria sabe de ella. Recuerdo mi primer experiencia sexual, si es que asi se puede llamar. Tenia 18 años y los domingos me acercba a la cancha de futbol que existia en mi barrio, el mismo esta alejado de la ciudad y en su entorno existian muy pocas edificaciones ya que todavia habia muchas quintas o pequeñas chacras, recien comenzaban los fraccionamientos. Como siempre fui solitario me quedaba al costado de la cancha y rara read Sex Story
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  13. A Stepmother's sin - Ch 8 - Robert returns to college - the end of a wonderful summer:

    12/7/2016: And as you would expect, Robert shared my bed with me the rest of the summer. We had fallen into a routine of sorts. Every day, before I came home from work, I would insert my diaphragm, even after the pill was supposed to be adequate protection. I believe we made love virtually every night, often more than once. Even when I was menstruating, Robert still wanted me and had me. Robert found read Sex Story
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  14. An Anonymous Relationship VII

    12/7/2016: I started my car and slowly drove out of the park. I did not know what else to do so I started to drive toward Melanie’s house. Then I noticed that the police car that had been behind me was there again. He was definitely watching me. “I see you back there.” I said under my breath as I turned the opposite way from Melanie’s house. Instead I headed toward the campus and decided the best thing to do was to go about my day as normal as possible. It was hard to concentrate on my classes as I tried to think of what I could do about Ms. Johnson and her evil fellow conspirators. It was frighten read Sex Story
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  15. Macbeth Among The Witches (Version 3)

    12/6/2016: {Note to all readers: Once again, I acknowledge that I can never hope to even come close to the genius that was William Shakespeare. However, I have always been utterly fascinated by the erotic potential that seems inherent within some of his plays. My primary fascination for that has always revolved around the famous scene in his play, Macbeth, of the encounter between Macbeth and "the three weird s****rs". Witches in the most classic sense of the word! Once again, here is my humble, and admittedly poorly executed attempt, at an "erotic" homage' to one my most favorite writers of all time!} read Sex Story
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  16. The Dating Game - Part 1 - The Inner Game

    12/6/2016: Hey, y'all, what's up?... :) I promised y'all something, and a promise is a promise, so...welcome to the first (and most important) part of my "program" of the dating game, meaning how you can date and have as many women as you want, as well as any woman you want. Also, a deal is a deal so, although I'll share to you information worth 1 billion dollars, I'll do it for you totally free. ;) Now, let's get it started... Have you ever wondered why women react differently while getting approached by different men? I mean, why she says "no" to a guy that`s așking for her contact details or fo read Sex Story
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  17. A Meeting With My Gym Teacher - Part Two

    12/5/2016: I never dreamed that to keep up my good marks, I'd have to keep pleasing Mr. Shadows. I really believed I’d fuck him the one time and that would be it. Of course, he now had the upper hand and whatever he tells me, I have to do. In fact, one day, I was again unprepared for gym class and he caught me playing on my phone. He took it away, but what he did was, he put his phone number into read Sex Story
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  18. Random Encounter

    12/5/2016: My boyfriend and I had recently split up after only a few months of dating. No matter how long we'd been together, I was in serious need of some dance therapy. Clark, one of my good friends, offered to take me out one night... a hard opportunity to pass up. Clark didn't drink much, and he never had issues taking care of me if I accidentally drank myself silly. After agreeing to go out, I put some real effort into myself while I got ready. I straightened my hair, fixed my make up quite nice, and picked out a decent outfit which generally included a nice pair of tight jeans, and a flashy low c read Sex Story
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  19. 21ST birthday

    12/4/2016: I had just turned 21 a few weeks before the night that I stayed home with my parents drinking. We were all a little tipsy when a few of their friends stopped by. It was a couple and another man. The man was attractive, but well into his late 50's or early 60's. I noticed that he was nice looking when he introduced himself to me, but I didn't think anything of it. I had never been with anyone over 25 and had never wanted to either. Everyone sat around talking and drinking for a few hours. I was pretty d***k by the time that the couple decided to go home. The older man and myself had been talkin read Sex Story
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  20. Story wife wrote for me while I was deployed three

    12/2/2016: Here is your E-mail Ok, so I thought it easier to write a story about a time we shared (or how I would have liked it lot) I am really not good at this so I am so uncomfortable writing we will call the guy Wes (We don’t know a Wes so it makes it easier lol) Ok, so you did what you do and found someone to come over for some “fun”. Of course, I had spent the last few hours shaving, bathing, and finding some sexy panties and a sexy bra to wear. The panties and bra were dark blue. They were made of lace and you could see enough to know that my pussy was clean-shaven. It smelled and looked read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Taboo, Author: Sirpur8675309, Source: xHamster