1. Kate monday evening

    6/26/2018: Kate turned to sally , what time are you leaving, I'm being picked up at ten I stood up and rinsed my mouth out The girls were talking, Sally giggling the Kate said Christine call Paul ask him to come round Why ? I want to film the pair of you What no Kate please I responded Christine do as your told, you just cum watching sally and me, so why don't you want us to have the fun of watching you two I had no answer and I didn't want to upset Kate I phoned Paul' his dad answered the phone and told me he was over the park playing football I told Kate OK she said we will go over and read Sex Story
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  2. Just keeps getting better just keeps getting worse

    6/25/2018: A long time ago, when I was a lad of 18 or 19. I had a friend who had a s****r who was drop dead gorgeous. Not to skinny but not to fat. Long legs, tan skin, long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and, last but not least, a nice round ass and perfect DD or possibly even E breasts. Needless to say I have spilled more then a fair share of seed thinking about that Italian goddess, but she never really looked my way. At least until one fateful day. I remember I had just received my very first digital camera from my parents for Christmas a few days ago. I walked over to my friend’s house to show him read Sex Story
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  3. The First Time

    6/25/2018: The evening at the dinner table was the same as countless others during the years following my father's passing. Mother had prepared the meal, we ate together, and then I took care of the clean-up and dish washing afterwards. We both worked outside the house during the day, and this living arrangement worked well for both of us. Conversation was usually not too deep or involved over dinner; we were not in the habit of sharing our problems, fears, or serious concerns. Tonight, however, mother announced that her best female friend, Stella, had propositioned her and wanted to penetrate her w read Sex Story
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  4. Further Interviews On The Nature, Practice, and Re

    6/25/2018: (This is yet another in a series of interviews with those involved, either currently, or in the recent past, with the phenomenon known today as 'interracial cuckolding.' In this interview, I speak with a cuckold that I will refer to in this interview as "Sam". Not his real name.) Q. Thank you for allowing me to poke around in what I know is quite an intimate topic! So I very much appreciate your willingness to do this today! A. I'm actually glad to do it. It's not often I talk to anyone else about all this. The 'Cuckold Community', if you can call it a community, is a rather tiny fra read Sex Story
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  5. I'm the Man of the House

    6/25/2018: I’m the Man of the House The whole time I was growing up it was mostly mom and me at home, but with luck dad would be home at least once during the month if, you call it lucky or not, it’s more like not lucky. When dad was home it was usually just for the weekend and he just either lay around all weekend or go out and hang with his friends, leaving mom to mow the yard and other chores herself, as if he wasn’t even there, just like any other time when he wasn’t there. Mom was the one that did all the chores around the house until I was old enough and big enough to do some of the chores read Sex Story
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  6. School Nurse Confidential 2

    6/24/2018: School Nurse Confidential, Ch. 2 by DirtyMindedMom My heart was thumping and my palms were sweaty as I presented Mr. Brundowski with my appointment slip. He eyed me suspiciously, but wrote me a pass to go to the nurse’s office anyway. It wasn’t that I was getting out of Geometry class that had me so excited; it was that I was going to see Nurse Cady again. I must have jerked off to thoughts of her at least a hundred times. I f***ed myself to stop yesterday so I could save up a nice load for her in case there was a repeat of what happened last time. Now all I had to do was mak read Sex Story
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  7. Sales Conference

    6/24/2018: I've been exceeding my quotas for three years now and the company is finally sending me to the conferences- the good ones. This last summer I was fortunate enough to go the best show in the industry in Miami. I checked into the swanky hotel and got up ready to learn what I could and see the sights. As I moved around the booths and went from seminar to seminar I kept bumping into this gorgeous sales manager I recognized from another company. Veronica is a bit older, around 35 but she is stil a knockout. 5'7" 120 lbs, long black hair and great curves. A great smile and beuatiful mouth round out read Sex Story
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  8. Daughter Internet Pics Discovered!

    6/24/2018: I'm looking for some advice from my fellow xHamster members out there. A few days ago I was up to my usual perverted hobby of searching the internet stroking my cock to random porn jumping from site to site in hopes of finding something to help my blow my load. While looking through Tumblr I find a blog devoted to teens which had some extremely hot little dirty sluts, when I pass a pic of one of the dirty girls that catches my attention. I quickly scroll back to the photo & realize something. The girl in the pic with her dress hiked up over her perfectly round bubble ass, white thong pulled read Sex Story
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  9. Wife owns me

    6/24/2018: My wife could not be more different than her s****r she is only five foot one a size eighteen big saggy tits and a gorgeous sexy hanging belly and a mountain of dark brown and grey pubes she turns me on immensely. She does get dirtier the older we get she is forty three she will suck me off the odd time and if she is extremely horny she likes me to finger and fuck her arse. But what happened last week really blew my mind I came home from work and went upstairs and she was stood there applying her lipstick round her gorgeous lips her long dark brown hair all hanging down with nice curls in read Sex Story
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  10. Me and My friend's GF

    6/23/2018: This is 100% true. The first time I met her, I'll be honest, I wasn't exactly lusting after her. However, we soon started texting, and after a couple of naughty texts, I couldn't resist. I tried to be good, honest :) It started with me picking her up in my car after she'd been out clubbing til 4/5 am. She has her slutty dress on, tiny underwear, and was tipsy, which made her hornier. It started off slow, I'd drive to a quiet spot, and she would suck my cock, and swallow my huge load like a good little slut :P Then, she wanted my cock so badly inside her. She begged and begged (h read Sex Story
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  11. Allison (Part 3)

    6/23/2018: I didn't know how to adjust to what was happening in my marriage. I didn't know what to say, what to do, or how to make things better. I'd been trying for years. And it didn't seem to make a difference. My wife wasn't cheating on me. I knew that. I knew that, for some reason, over time, she'd lost interest in sex. I just didn't know why. I knew it couldn't be me. Before our marriage, I read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: hidingmydarksecrets, Source: LushStories
  12. My Wife's s****r

    6/23/2018: I was invited to sub on a bowling team in our little town by some friends of mine and I said that I would, I had never bowled with them before but knew them from other activities and they were fun to be with. I showed up with my bowling bag and found the team I was bowling with at the very far end of the house. We began bowling and drinking beer and just having fun with the guys when the one that I knew the best told me I should go look at this one girls team bowling in the ladies league, he said they were called the Butt s****rs and I said ?what the hell is a butt s****r? he said that they a read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Taboo, Author: Martinium, Source: xHamster