1. Mum's Hand

    11/11/2017: A fictional story that has no connection to any person living or dead. Hi I’m Tim also known as Timbo, Timmy, Tim and Timothy, I am 18 and this is my story. My mother passed away when I was 6 and dad was devastated, he met a lovely lady called Beth she had 2 boys Jack and Garry, we all got on well and after a few years they moved in, it was cool having 2 b*****rs as football was the game and as we all supported different teams the rivalry was brilliant, Beth was the same age as dad and very modern, in her looks, dress sense and the way she looked at things, on the odd occasion I would read Sex Story
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  2. Lesbian mother in law

    11/10/2017: It was a major shock when Adams mother came out as a lesbian.She had been married for 22 year for gods sake.But being very open minded,we thought live and let live.I know Adam was a bit embarassed,and he told me he was teased by his work mates,but I thought she was very brave. She had got pregnant at 17 and married at 18,so when she finally left Joe, she was only 40.But she looked years younger.And often when we went out people thought we were s****rs.Not surprising really.We were both bottle blonde,busty,and I suppose we looked very similar.Maybe thats why Adam had been attracted to me,haha read Sex Story
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  3. Cindy fucked dad, I pushed my finger in

    11/10/2017: It's not uncommon, to come home late and find a f****y member passed out and snoring after a heavy boozing session. My father took to drinking more after my mother divorced him, and coming home from a friends, I would find him passed-out and looking uncomfortable on the sofa. Ever tried to rouse a d***k from a deep sl**p, as most of you know, it's a pointless effort, unless there are two of you. Cindy my friend and I came home from the cinema, close to midnight. She had decided to stay over because it was late, and the last bus from town was a poor option because of the trouble with d*** read Sex Story
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  4. 2 MILF Teachers Part 3

    11/10/2017: As I lay there tied to the bed wondering what was going on. I heard some muffled female voices talking. I couldn't make out what they were saying. When the bedroom door opened up. There stood Kate and June. Both teachers were naked. My cock started to rise. June said she was glad that I was awake. Wondering if I had a good nap. Both ladies snickered a little bit. I still felt a little bit drowsy. When I told them this, June said "Don't worry, it will all go away." I asked if Rhonda had come back and they said that she had. But since I was asl**p at the time, that the girls had to entertain he read Sex Story
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  5. Lover Of Cum

    11/9/2017: Okay, I admit it: I'm a complete slut. I love the look of men, the smell, the touch, and everything. I'm a complete sucker for cock, (no pun intended) and want as much as I can get. So when Mark invited me to be the cum catcher for one of his parties, I was all for it.Once I got there, there were about thirty guys standing around with drinks and no clothes! I was almost drooling when Mark walked up to me and asked me to get naked like everyone else, then he introduced me to the group as I took off the simple sundress and flat sandals that I'd worn. The guys seemed to be pretty happy with t read Sex Story
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  6. The Big Game Bet

    11/8/2017: I was bored, watching a bad porn movie on cable TV when the phone rang. "Hello." "Whatcha doing, playing with yourself again," my step-daughter Teresa asked me. "Funny," I answered. "Isn't that what you do most of the day?" Teresa was 20, a cute, top-heavy bottle-blonde with several piercings and tattoos and one of those tongue studs, and she worked as a repair dispatcher for the read Sex Story
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  7. Big cock fun with mom and s*s in Italy 3

    11/8/2017: Part 1 here:http://xhamster.com/user/Glerkor/posts/150086.html Part 2 here:http://xhamster.com/user/Glerkor/posts/176891.html We were back at the house after our little detour that had brought many new f****y experiences. I couldn't count on any more of that kind of forbidden fruit, but of course, not much more had occupied my imagination as I had driven the tiny rental Fiat. It was a miracle that I hadn't crashed down any of the deep ravines along the coastline. The trip home had taken a few hours in dessert hot sunshine and we were all pretty eager to loose our travel gear and to get a read Sex Story
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  8. caught spying on my moms friend.

    11/7/2017: When i was a teen we had a really hot summer i was horny and stupid, i had caught glimpes of my moms friend getting changed almost by accident. I had been at the very back of our garden sneaking a beer one night and seen her in her bedroom taking off her robe and turning off the light, she was big with large breasts long dark hair and i wanted to see more. This day was exceptionally hot and i was sitting in the shade of the garden shed when i saw her at the bedroom window in a bikini top an ugly orange colour and a little to small for her, but i knew she would be in her garden soon enough. sq read Sex Story
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  9. Old men can fuck good

    11/6/2017: One of the things I enjoyed about semi-retirement was freedom to either do nothing or write but that meant meeting certain publisher's deadlines. But then you have it worse in certain industries, deadlines for turnout of products, customer expectations, the boss, stock holders – a royal rat race. Not long ago I decided to see what a certain ski lodge up in the mountains was like. It was early spring the snow was melting off the mountains except in the "high" country and most every ski bum in the state and elsewhere packed their skis and poles and headed home for another read Sex Story
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  10. A Mother’s Secret 3 – Secret No More

    11/3/2017: This is part 3 of the story of a mother who has done a taboo porn video to support her k**s. Her are links to the other two parts. Please enjoy and show your appreciation by thumbs up.http://xhamster.com/stories/a-mother-s-secret-how-it-started-612774http://xhamster.com/stories/a-mother-s-secret-2-a-star-is-born-613640 It had been a month since Jean had recorded her porn movie. In many ways she was trying to put it out of her mind. The memory still excited her. Never in her life had she ever enjoyed sex more! On the other hand some of her perverted desires would creep read Sex Story
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  11. Her Mom and I help her LOSE her Virginity

    11/2/2017: I had a nice house but had a small fire one day that required me to get a rental home in a really shitty trailer park here in North Georgia. The place was ok but crowed with young single parent mom's and their equally slutty trailer trash daughters that would hang around all day with no job or anything else for that matter except a welfare check every month, which they used on beer and cigarettes, and their government paid trailer homes. One good thing about it was that since I worked from home on computers and did photography and video, I could watch them all through my window, running ar read Sex Story
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  12. Daughter's invitition to a f****y affair Pt 2

    11/2/2017: Julia popped open the cap of the body cream she wanted to use. The sweet-smelling cream overwhelmed the room as she took a big handful from the jar. It glistened on her hand as she rubbed them together before gently rubbing sticky and greasy mass into her stomach and lower chest. She was standing in Mike’s room – it was a mess of clothes, plates and glasses but then it was typical for a young man to have a messy room. Julia scoped more body cream from the jar and oozed between her fingers as she covered her generously sized boobs that swayed a little without a bra. Standing topless in nothing read Sex Story
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  13. Mom in law Massage

    11/1/2017: This is a story of what might be called, In(law)cest. It involves masturbation, oral sex, and vaginal and anal intercourse between me and my mother-in-law, Kathy. I called my mother-in law in Chicago to tell her that I was going to postpone a planned business trip there and so wouldn't be able to see her the following week as expected. I had fallen while bike riding a few days earlier and pulled the quadriceps muscle in my left thigh which was causing me a lot of difficulty. Each morning when I would first awaken, it would be so badly cramped that I would have to hobble off to a local phy read Sex Story
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  14. First Lady pt1

    10/31/2017: It was a fresh but bright, late September evening when my "boyfriend", Dave, picked me up outside my house, I had told my mum I was going to do some refer work with Dave's daughter for a school project, (an excuse, once again provided by the devious mind of Dave), "I'll have her home by 10," he called to my mum as she waved me off. We drove for around fifteen minutes before pulling up outside a large detached property. The area was one that I didn't know at all. " Come on sunshine," said Dave, "want you to meet a new friend of mine," his words sent a shiver down my spine as I remembered read Sex Story
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  15. catching mother in law

    10/29/2017: My mother-in-law is not the prettiest woman in the world, but to me she is the most beautiful woman I have loved. Her name is Lynn and she is thirty nine years of age. She has straight Brown hair, Brown eyes and beautiful full lips. “Mom” also has the prettiest smile I have ever seen. Her sight, her nice smell and the feeling of her next to perfect breasts pressing against me when we hugged or when she kissed me excited me ever since I met and married her daughter, we were staying with her Mom due some financial difficulties and she was helping us out. Tonight was an unusually warm summe read Sex Story
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  16. TJ's Story

    10/29/2017: TJ's Story My name is Timothy Alan Jefferson Jr, 'TJ' for short. The story I'm about to tell you is about my life from birth to the present day. My memory starts at age at four. I only remember big events that occurred to Dad and me until I was seven, after that I remember everything. Dad told me about my birth and what happened shortly after that. Dad met Mom while both of them were read Sex Story
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  17. Summer transformation Part 1

    10/29/2017: My jaw hit the floor as I read the first email I ever received from John. My mind twisted, heart raised, and my pussy pulsed repeatedly. A week earlier I had posted an ad on craigslist... One of those late night d***ken fantasy ads where you spill your darkest desires, wake up the next morning and think "wow... I really am a pervert!" My ad was placed M4M, M4MM, M4MW, and T4M. I wrote: " 18 year old looking to experiment. 5'5", 170, naturally smooth. School is out so I have lots of free time, super horny all the time, looking to learn. Discretion is a must, can`t host, love mature read Sex Story
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  18. The boy next door: part 3

    10/29/2017: The storm subsided just minutes after I hung up the phone with Julie. She didn't seem bothered at all that her eldest son had come over to my place without her permission. It seemed as though moving to this new neighborhood had granted her a freedom she never had before. When Julie spoke with me at Jack's birthday party, she asked me and nearly begged me to watch over the boys from time to time. After all she is a single mom of two boys and she wants more than anything, to continue explore that new found freedom. The way Julie saw it, Kevin was already old enough and there were only a few read Sex Story
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  19. A mouthful of Christmas jizz

    10/29/2017: Just a short recounting of this past Friday night. Jodi works with a couple, Mark and Barb. She works in accounting... he calls himself the VP of Bullshit. Neither of them are stand out lookers but they do make an effort to keep themselves in shape and Barb is certainly a “yes”... if the question is “would you like to fuck her.?” We've been out as couples for years but Barb has made it very clear that her cunt is the ONLY cunt where Mark's cock is welcome. But don't let that fool you.... Barb doesn't hold back when it comes to flirting and the occasional flash of panties. About a year a read Sex Story
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  20. Roly-Poly Johnny

    10/28/2017: Roly-Poly Johnny The young teen slid a slender dildo into his ass with one chubby hand. His little body jiggled and shook as he stroked; sending the dildo in and out. He moaned and groaned… interrupted by several short bursts of giggling. He peeked at his laptop; his secret boyfriend was watching intently, eyes wide. He opened his chubby thighs so his neighbor could see him better. The teen hoped his neighbor could see how wide the dildo opened him. As the dildo went deeper, it nearly disappeared between his plump butt cheeks. He stroked his stubby fingers up and down his pecker. H read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, First Time, Taboo, Author: tankengine123, Source: xHamster