1. My hot stepmom

    5/27/2017: When I was eighteen my dad got remarried. The first thing I noticed was how big her tits were. I was eighteen, and sex was all I had on my mind. I walked around with a hard dick all the time. Her name was Beth, and she was an absolutely beautiful woman. She was 5’10”, and had long brown hair. I have already told you she had huge tits. She had long, slender legs, and I don’t know any other read Sex Story
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  2. My Not So Innocent Cousin

    5/25/2017: My Not So Innocent Cousin By billy69boy I picked up my phone. "Hi mom, what's up?" "Someone's here to see you," my mother replied rather cryptically, "can you come over?" My mom lived about a mile away from my apartment, so it wasn't a big deal. "Who is it?" I inquired curiously. "You'll see soon enough: it's a surprise!" she answered enthusiastically. I walked through the front door and looked into the kitchen. Sitting at the table with my mom was Serena, my cousin whom I hadn't seen in years. "Well, hello!" I blurted out. I was definitely surprised to see her, no d read Sex Story
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  3. Boy Dominates Sexy Mom 4

    5/24/2017: I spent the whole rest of the day frustrated after my retarded father walked in the house and ruined things. Mom was spread out on the floor in front of me and about to make herself cum with her vibrator, but had to run off before my dad caught us both jerking off in the living room. I was so close to seeing her have an orgasm it was almost painful to think about. That night, just as I was about to turn off the light next to my bed and rub one out, there was a light knock at the door. My mom came in and closed the door softly behind her. She was wearing her big terry-cloth robe and pajamas read Sex Story
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  4. christmas party....

    5/24/2017: 23 rd December the annual works night out. 3 directors off the company myself being one. 5 lads who work for us ages between 19 and 38. I was the youngest director at 41, so always stayed out later than the other 2. The night had been good fun , lots of shots, cocktails , pints of every strong larger possible. It was around 3pm, a few of the lads had left. Shaun 25, Lee 22 and myself was left. Both had girlfriends but that hadn't bothered them all night getting numbers , pulling girls all night long. I told them I didn't want to cramp there style so would go back to the hotel we had all ch read Sex Story
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  5. Deja Vu

    5/21/2017: I was laying on my bed in my room. My TV was on, but I wasn't really paying that much attention. Truthfully, I was browsing the magazine in my hands. Not the one I appeared to be leafing through... that would be a 'Popular Photography', which was visible, camouflaging the true subject of my attention. Inside the Pop Photo, was the most recent copy of 'Mayfair'. I suppose I didn't really need to hide it. I was eighteen, and legally able to buy the magazine, but I also didn't need to stir the pot any more than necessary. Mom and Dad would occasionally poke their head in unannounced. Dad read Sex Story
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  6. Sierra

    5/21/2017: I studied my reflection in the mirror, twisted my tie around nervously and flipped down my collar to adjust the knot. "So tell me again why I'm putting on a suit just to meet your parents" I asked, knowing the answer already. My girlfriend Sierra and I had been dating for about 6 months, and deep down I knew that I would have to meet her parents eventually. She talked so much about them that I felt as if I already knew them. Considering how often Sierra had her mother on the phone, I figured she had heard as much about me already as well. Now that the day had finally arrived to meet, I was read Sex Story
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  7. A Wifes Seduction

    5/21/2017: My husband has submitted a few of our stories to this site already but I thought I would share one with you from a female perspective. My name is Tina and I am happily married to my husband Jay. We enjoy “the lifestyle”. I am 44 and Jay is 48. I like to think that I am attractive although Jay says I am the complete MILF. I like to keep in shape but I am not a gym junkie. I would say that I have a reasonable figure. I have mousy blonde hair, big brown eyes and 36 d breasts with sensitive nipples. I always keep my pussy lips shaved smooth but I leave a patch of hair above my pubis which I keep t read Sex Story
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  8. Becoming a Huge Show Off - Part One, It Begins

    5/20/2017: I got married a few years ago, and we had one rugrat immediately. As I have heard happens in so many other relationships, my wife pretty much lost all interest in sex about two days before going into labor and has not gotten it back since. You can imagine how this is for a guy. I've been given a thousand and one excuses. One was that having a baby demanding breast milk constantly makes a woman scared of having another baby. Birth control has never been an option (and maybe a good thing, with the way the hormones rage in this house at times). I'm glad the state paid for a vasectomy be read Sex Story
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  9. naughty f****y pt2

    5/20/2017: "Go on." "Well, when Alan realized that Sam was gay, he talked to his son and explained that there was nothing wrong with it, and that even he liked to sl**p with other men, and he told Sam about me and they ended up fucking. It was not the last time. Later I met the two of them and was properly introduced to my nephew's dick and ass." "Wow! And does uncle Alan fuck his other k**s, too?" "No. They know nothing about it. Theresa and us are the only ones who know." "God! And does she join them?" "Sometimes, but Sam doesn't care about women. Anyway, he has a huge cock. It's te read Sex Story
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  10. Awakening

    5/20/2017: I awoke with a start. Breathing heavily, I wipe the sl**p from my eyes. As I try to steady my breathing and calm my racing heart I ponder what just happened. Is it possible for a female orgasm during a dream? That's what you are, right? My mind stills for a moment and I realize my bare thighs are warm and wet and there's an aching in my center that I am all to familiar with. I reach down and discover that my plump pussy is ripe do very ripe for the taking. I run two fingers through my folds and my inner walls clench tightly. I bring my fingers up to my mouth and sample the succulent ju read Sex Story
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  11. Loving My Stepfather - Part Three

    5/20/2017: I’ve been kind of mad at my stepfather after the situation with Heather. I really thought that I was his princess and now it just seemed like he had two princesses. I’ve been moping around a little and have been a bit unhappy. My stepfather told me to just start living at the apartment. I’m old enough to be on my own. My mother thought it was a good idea to finally spread my wings. I read Sex Story
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  12. My Hot Stepmom 2

    5/20/2017: It has been a week since my stepmom came to my apartment to fulfill her sexual desires. Well I have to admit, she fulfilled mine also. I got a text from Beth and she asked, “Can I come over now?” I replied, “I don’t know, my roommate is still home. I don’t know when he is leaving.” Then she sent, “He doesn’t know who I am, so I can just be a woman you hooked up with.” I replied, read Sex Story
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  13. Helping my s*s fuck a black cock

    5/19/2017: So the other night on the weekend we were out at the local bar having some drinks. We do our thing where we ask "who would you want to fuck most" game and we tease each other under the table and jokingly talk dirty. It was getting around 12 and i kept noticing that this black dude kept checking her out from across the bar. So i jokingly told her that this dude definitely wanted to fuck her brains out, so she looked over and caught him in the eye. They had a sexually tense stare and then she looked at me and said wow you are totally right...we both agreed that we don't really like black guys bu read Sex Story
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  14. The Rabbit Hole: Chapter One

    5/16/2017: When I was a little kid my favorite story was “Alice In Wonderland.” I’d have my parents read it to me all the time. I’m pretty sure it drove them crazy constantly having to read and re-read the adventures of Alice, as she foolishly followed the rabbit down that hole. My most vivid recollection of all the times my parent’s read it to me was when I was about six-years-old. I remember my read Sex Story
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  15. The Pastor's Secret

    5/15/2017: Shivering in a chilly December wind, April paused on the street and checked the address that she had been given. The little house tucked in beside an old church was clearly a “manse” built sometime in the past to house the church’s minister. Somehow, it did not seem likely that someone living in a manse would be hiring an escort. However, the address matched so April shrugged and walked up to read Sex Story
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  16. Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 06

    5/15/2017: All characters over 18 years old _________________________ I awoke to the sound of a muffled alarm clock. I opened my eyes. Still wrapped in a sheet on a sofa across the room, Lucy fumbled for the clock, which was under a cushion, and turned it off. Aunt Anne slid gently away from beside me and stood up. It was summer (though not a very warm one) and enough soft light filtered through the curtains for me to be able to see her naked body clearly. I'm guessing that most blokes wake up in the morning with an erection, or at least half-hard; I say I'm guessing, as I don't make a habit of read Sex Story
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  17. There's Something About My Son's Girlfriends - 3

    5/14/2017: I stood to hold her seat as my wife returned to the table. She smiled up at me and noticed my flushed appearance. "Are you okay darling? You don't look at all well." A concerned look crossed her face as she reached up to put her hand on my forehead and test my temperature. Jennifer looked down as if her menu was suddenly the most interesting document since the Magna Carta. I smiled at read Sex Story
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  18. Irish Exchange Student No Longer A Virgin

    5/14/2017: My wife is from Ireland and she and I visit there every two years or so. Last time we went she befriended Kathleen a very young college freshman at Trinity College, Dublin. My wife Kim and Kathleen spent a lot of time together that summer taking pictures of old Irish cottages. About six months later. Kim told me that Kathleen called her and wanted to spend a semester in America but needed a sponsor. We had a big four bedroom house and our k**s were gone, so I said “go for it”. Two months later I was asked to pick up Kathleen at the airport. I was at the gate and my jaw dropped!!! Apparently read Sex Story
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  19. The After Date

    5/13/2017: Mom was still up when I came home from my date with Michelle. She was laying on the couch asl**p. Her night gown was very sheer and I saw her black hairy bush through the fabric. It had been a few weeks since I had her pussy. Now that I was dating Michelle I was getting my pussy from her. Mom didn't seem to mind as long as I would take care of her needs on Sundays. Michelle and I went out to the drive in and ended up doing it at the show. She had to get up early to work so I dropped her back home at nine. It was now about nine thirty. I was still feeling horny and there was Mom. I read Sex Story
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  20. Queen Aunt

    5/13/2017: Mark Lyndhurst was walking down his garden path when he heard a kerfuffle coming from the house. As he got nearer he heard his mother shouting. "How can you do this to me, I've waited nine months for this cruise and now you say you can't go!" Then his dad in a quieter more conciliatory voice, "I'm sorry Emma, but they've brought the whole contract date forward to next week instead of next month. There's nothing I can do honey, I'm so sorry." "You can tell them to stuff the fucking contract!" she shouted louder, Mark held his place and listened. She must be really rattled to use that l read Sex Story
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