1. Eighteen year-old stepdaughter watches football on

    7/16/2017: My stepdaughter is home from her first semester of college, bright and perky and proud of herself. Her deep auburn hair in a ponytail d****s down her slender back. She strolls barefoot through the house, slender shapely legs, in nothing but a pair of dark green boy shorts and a loose thin white tee shirt, her little nipples hard on her small pert tits. Her small ass is unbelievably round. She walks past where I am sitting on the couch watching football and notices my eyes strolling up and down her body. "Good morning daddy!" "Good morning Claire." She comes back from the kitchen and surp read Sex Story
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  2. Teenage Girl Prostitutes Herself

    7/16/2017: I learned the value of hard work from my parents, and it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I realized just how hard they struggled to support our family. My father is a machinist who works the night shift in a small factory in our little town, not too far from the city of Atlanta. He even takes extra shifts sometimes to help earn more overtime. He sleeps during the day and is at work at read Sex Story
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  3. Katie (Part 2)

    7/15/2017: Moving into our house just outside the city was an experience that I knew my wife and kids and I were going to greatly enjoy. We'd left a smaller house in the city with just enough room to move around in and barely be comfortable in, to a bigger house with a huge yard, a big garage, lots of space between the neighbors, and a quiet are with little noise. It was a huge change, one that I had read Sex Story
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  4. How I became a Voyeur Part 3

    7/14/2017: This is a continuation of a true story of when I grew up in the early 70’s probably best read in order. Part 1http://xhamster.com/user/icancu2/posts/499483.html Part 2http://xhamster.com/user/icancu2/posts/511936.html Several months passed, and it was now summer, my cousin’s aunt was putting in a pond in her backyard at her new house. She put the word out to the neighborhood k**s for helpers. Saturday morning came and I arrived about 10:00 and was surprised that I was the only one there. She already had some of the hole for the pond started, and looked relived that I had showed up read Sex Story
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  5. its been a while......Peggy again!!

    7/13/2017: so its been a while, but we had a visit from Peggy..... who is now divorced. I had nothing to do with it. So this time she was down for a baby shower or engagement party or some BS that I really dont care about. Fun started one morning when she was showering. and I was off from work but had to bring k**s to school. Went upstairs hoping to catch a sneak peek of her in shower, going to shower or coming out of shower.... i dont know guess i am a horny mofo. By the way Peggy is working out again and her body is smokin again. Tits are still big and her ass is tight!! actually think her jugs may of read Sex Story
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  6. Welcoming a new member

    7/13/2017: Like most couples, we have always used fantasies as part of our foreplay ritual. Some of our thoughts and dreams leading to some really intense sex. However as a couple we had never built up the courage to fulfill any of our fantasies. Our most regular fantasy consisted of the two of us with another couple, Sal my wife ending up in bed with the other woman while I watched, and finally getting to fuck her after she had orgasmed with the woman and the other man had cum inside her. The thoughts of her with another woman, I thought would be the horniest thing imaginable. We often discussed her bri read Sex Story
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  7. Another couple on vacation

    7/13/2017: We save up money and finally went to the luxury resprt in the carribbean for a week. Cindi, my wife is 28, long blond hair, 5'8" and athletic. She tries to tan all over on vacation so she still has some tan lines I'm 6'4", also athletic and not near as tanned We spent the first couple of day strying to do every activity possible, sailing, scuba diving, you name it. We kept bumping into a slightly younger couple along the way. Richard and Denise are about 24 years old. Richard inherited his wealth and Denise is a real looker. She's 5'5", alson blond hair but cut short and has boobs compared read Sex Story
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  8. My Empty Nest Mother

    7/11/2017: I was not looking forward to coming home from college! The freedom I had experienced since leaving home had been wonderful. You see my mom was rather strict when I had been growing up. I had to be home by ten and mom always inspected my clothes and made me change if she found that they revealed any part of my body from my neck to just below my knees. Maybe it was her old fashion views but I went the other way as soon as I could. Frankly I turned into a real slut even before I went to college. It was about that same time that my dad also seemed to have had enough and he left mom for another read Sex Story
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  9. Emily's Seduction (part six)

    7/11/2017: My stepdaughter, Emily, was going to be leaving. It was time to return to her private academy. I didn't pay for it. That was done by her father, or perhaps his family. They were rather well off. I wasn't destitute, of course. I was a fifty year old, full professor of English at my university. My wife, Erica, is an instructor in the same department. Now it was time to say goodbye to Emily read Sex Story
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  10. I Wouldn’t Have Guessed

    7/10/2017: I married raven haired Linda about eleven years ago. She had a son, Zachary from her first marriage. At thirty-six, she still turns heads like a twenty something year old, with her firm 36 C breasts with sensitive pencil eraser nipples, a tight little apple butt and long shapely dancer’s legs that she loves to show off. Our sex life was fantastic but I think due to her read Sex Story
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  11. I lost my Virginity to my Grandfather.

    7/10/2017: 'Is she sl**ping'? I did not need to turn around to know who was asking the question, 'Yes', I replied timorously in a barely audible whisper , and as I spoke I could feel my legs turn to jelly, my thighs physically shake. I gripped the edge of the steel sink top, as my other hand brought the glass of water I held to my lips, back down onto the draining board. This was it, the moment I had wanted to happen in my head, time and time again, was now upon me, and standing only wearing my short tee-shirt, figure hugging and with the hem riding high above my bubble teen butt exposed and inviti read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Mature, Taboo, Author: Fridagirl, Source: xHamster
  12. mother and son made to fuck

    7/9/2017: I have posted a few stories of how a son, desperate to fuck his mother, has a Horney friend act like he is breaking in to steal some jewels, but ends up stripping the mother and son stark ass naked, gives the son a viagra and shoves his face inbetween his mothers legs and when his cock gets good and hard, he makes mom suck on every inch, till she gags. I usually come all over the keyboard before the intruder makes the son fuck his own mother. So much to my surprise when I had a new friend from Mexico ask me to be that intruder in a letter to me on hxamster. The letter went something like th read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Mature, Taboo, Author: beaconhole, Source: xHamster
  13. Making Julie and Emma my slaves Part 1

    7/9/2017: Making Julie and Emma my slaves Part 1 After flashing to several women in a park, I was in the men’s toilets in the park, I was naked and wanking gently, staring out of the window which overlooked the path. Suddenly the door opened and a young woman walked in. Instinctively, I covered my cock with my hand but I didn’t have to worry, she approached me and got onto her knees. “Please sir” she said, “I saw you earlier wanking in front of several women, I need help, I need to be punished, tortured and humiliated sir” “Stand up and strip naked bitch” I ordered her. I inspected her body, she read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Hardcore, Taboo, Author: masototale, Source: xHamster
  14. I Lose My Virginity, The Finale

    7/8/2017: Jonathan’s parting words to us were, “What would you think if I brought my date back here later? It might be fun.” Kathy looked at him, “Am I right in thinking you want us to have a foursome?” Kathy, my stepmother, who is barely three years older than me, had become my first female lover that afternoon. Jonathan, my sixteen-year-old next-door neighbor, had led me through my first gay read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: ChrisM, Source: LushStories
  15. First Time Suck Buddies Part 6

    7/8/2017: I borrowed this story from a friend of mine (with his permission of course) who also has a xham profile page. He decided his stories would be better suited for my page since they are about two high school guys who experiment with each other. Please read and enjoy and PLEASE comment. Thanks! I didn’t want to cum yet so I pulled out of Jason’s mouth. Jason stood up and barely gave me a chance to get to my knees before he was pushing his cock in my mouth. I’m going to throatfuck you like you did me, Jason said as he thrust his cock deep. And that he did, fucking my mouth and throat f read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Gay, Taboo, Author: couldhedoit, Source: xHamster
  16. Jessa: The Finale

    7/8/2017: "Okay, I know she didn't come home until like two in the morning, but should I just wake her up?" I asked myself, rubbing my head. "It's after noon now, and I've been lying here waiting for over an hour now." I stayed silent for a moment, and then I brought my hands down to my crotch. "Oh, I saw her naked, she gave a hand job and then a blow job. Now I think I might be obsessed with her read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: kornslayer1, Source: LushStories
  17. Sexy Fun With Veronica and Lisa

    7/7/2017: I really hate that my wife’s body has changed so much over time. When we first got married, she was very fit and took care of what she ate. She always cooked very healthy meals. I always loved that she liked to take very good care of herself. That was what made me fall in love with her. She had a smoking hot body and knew how to work it. She'd get waxed and had manicures and read Sex Story
    Categories: Taboo, Author: Mysteria27, Source: LushStories
  18. The Sleeepover - Chapter 16

    7/7/2017: The Sleeepover - Chapter 16 by samslam The next morning I wake up to the world's most wonderful sensation. It starts out as this amazingly erotic dream that is so vivid it feels like it is actually happening. Gradually I start to ascend out of my dreamlike state and realize my cock really is engulfed in a warm, moist mouth and a tongue really is teasing the underside of my cock. I start humping my fully aroused cock into my s!ster's mouth before I even open my eyes. "Oh God, Lauren!" I moan as I start spurting cum into her warm mouth. "What a great way to wake up!" I'm read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Sex, Taboo, Author: TreborCox, Source: xHamster
  19. Semen tastes, smell, and extracting it from men.

    7/6/2017: I stood as the escalator rumbled upwards. I could feel the ripple of cogs meshing, vibrate up my legs, as the plate on which I stood being carried upwards, indicated it might break down soon, otherwise I might actually experience an orgasm, as I clenched my pelvic muscles to match those delicate tremors vibrating my thighs, into a mechanical and human resonance. I arrived and alighted, making my way to the toilet, where I found my woollen stockings, smeared with warm semen, I had been attacked and successfully 'Painted', with the latest internet craze. I felt anger at first, but then smi read Sex Story
    Categories: Masturbation, Mature, Taboo, Author: Fridagirl, Source: xHamster
  20. Seasoned Pussy Part 1

    7/6/2017: My high school years was going really good. I had learned about sex and was trying to fuck every girl I could. I was up to eight, two long term girlfriends and six girls that I banged several times and tossed. My best bud lived across the street from me. His mom, Rose, was like a second mom to me. Rose and I were pretty close. She was a short little Hispanic woman, not over five foot tall and chubby, like a ball with arms and legs. She had always flirted with me from the day I met her. Alot of innuendos and stuff like that. I was never attracted to her sexually so I guess that is why I was s read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo, Author: zimabean, Source: xHamster