1. English Class

    6/26/2016: English Class I was 28 years old and decided to go back to college to finish my 4 year degree. I was taking all the night school courses possible before asking my employer to let me take some day courses. The first night of class I got there early after work and sat in the room until others started showing up. The room had about 15 people in it when “she” walked in. She was about 19 or 20, great figure, wearing a dress, nice tits and a come hither smile. She stopped as she came into the room and glanced around the room. She saw me sitting on the far side of the room and came over and read Sex Story
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  2. The Lotus and the Flame - Part Five

    6/25/2016: ‘I’m not sure it’s a good idea for us to go out.’ Farida’s face was flooded with worry. ‘Why not?’ Anderson pushed his hands into his jeans pockets and tried to look casual but, inside, he felt a flurry of panic that his best-laid plans may be scuppered. ‘It will be good for us to get some air. Come on, we’ll take a walk into town. I’ll treat you to brunch at The Willows. It’s a read Sex Story
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  3. Suck Buddies Part 7

    6/25/2016: Jason called me two days after he and I had sucked each other the first time at my neighbor’s house. He asked me if I had gone over there yet today to do the stuff that I was taking care of: bringing in the paper and mail and watering the lady’s plants. I told him that I had and he seemed a little disappointed. Of course I knew exactly what he really was asking. He wanted us to go over their again and do some more stuff together. And of course I really wanted to do that too. I told him I can go over there anytime I want, they weren’t coming home for another week and a half. I told him I’ve read Sex Story
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  4. a night away

    6/25/2016: I was on secondment to a local authority for 12 months and the team I was working with had a conference someone had to attend providing a promotion stand. For various reasons none of the permanent staff were able to attend as it meant an overnight stay, so Sarah my boss and I were the delegates. We arrived at the hotel late afternoon, went to our rooms to clean up and agreed to meet in the bar for a pre-dinner drink. Showered & changed, at about 5, I wandered down, Sarah arrived only a couple of minutes later. “I feel better for getting the days grime off” she declared, as she sat down read Sex Story
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  5. Weekend at Dad's

    6/24/2016: My parents divorced a few years ago. I decided to live with my mother and spend some weekends at my dad's. Both my parents never talked much about why they divorced. I vaguely remember some arguments, but they never had any blow out fights. To me it seemed that my dad one day decided to move out of our house. I was a teenager at the time and did not care much. The weekends I spent with my dad, John we usually had a good time. He was never having anyone else over when I was staying there, so I don't know if he dated anyone for a long time. My mother only recently found a man to spend tim read Sex Story
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    6/24/2016: Story by Priya "There it is!" "Would you look at that..." A van of four college students slowly drove up the long entranceway to the abandoned Waverly Hills Insane asylum in Kentucky that shut down decades ago. A dark place that housed thousands of people who died of tuberculosis, or TB. It also housed many mental patients that were dangerous to themselves and others. The sun was getting ready to set on the cold October afternoon; making the perfect envi read Sex Story
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  7. Nancys trip to the Remote TruckStop Rest Area

    6/24/2016: Nancy is the middle aged woman we wrote about in a previous story "Nancys visit to the adult book store.." She is of slender build 36c-27-38 with thick nipples and a nice patch of red pubic hair between her legs . Nancy is married and works as a secretary in a office.. Outwardly Nancy appears like the typical soccer mom,, conservitive and attends church every sunday. But behind that front is a secret life. Nancy reads seedy novels of sex in dark halls of adult book stores,, public restrooms,, truck stops. She fantasizes of being touched by homeless men,, dirty men stripping her nak read Sex Story
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  8. My turn tu use Helena

    6/23/2016: My turn to use Helena My old friend Jorge had agreed to give me her slut wife Helena for one night… She was going to submit to my commands; with no question about the matter. Jorge was flying out of town early in the afternoon. My sweet wife Ana was visiting some friends in a near city; so, she would not be aware of that matter; unless Helena would tell her anytime. I bought some stuff at the mall for Helena. I got a sexy black push-up bra for her tits; to leave her nipples showing out. A pair of black “fuck me pumps” and a black dress with just the right sexy cleavage and long eno read Sex Story
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  9. Nancy's trip to the Adult Book Store

    6/22/2016: Nancys interest in adult book stores began when she read a seedy novel about gays and couples going to adult book stores and playing in the video booths, and the description of gloryholes..The book described how a woman would frequent a particular book store and would lock herself in a booth with a gloryhole,,She would undress and let men fondle her through the hole..and eventually would perform varous sex acts on strangers.. Nancy would get aroused reading about the womans exploits,, and fantasized of doing the same.. Nancy was a attractive woman,, mid 40's With a slim figure.. her breasts w read Sex Story
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  10. Intimate Inquiry #1: First Feelings

    6/22/2016: This INTIMATE INQUIRY interrogates into the first feelings and erotic experiences of female friends It will be the first of a few further intimate investigations into the development of dreams in real love life I will start to ask for first erotic experiences, looking back from where you are now, much more matured I remember one answer in particular from an earlier Sexual Survey I conducted into my friends' love life I will give the details in my first comment to this erotic experiment, which is inspired by a fresh female friend I enjoyed a prolonged private exchange of erotic inti read Sex Story
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  11. Karen and the Sauna

    6/21/2016: True Story This happened many years ago, names have been changed. Let's just say things were different in the 70s. I know the '909' didn't exist in the 70s. Just trying to make it more relevant to today. I headed down the freeway to see my girlfriend. I had not seen her in a couple of weeks since we lived about 30 miles apart. How I got so lucky to have a girl like her was way beyond my comprehension. She lived at the beach, Huntington Beach, Surf City, USA. I was a 909er. I lived inland, in the valley. Not the cool valley but the 'other valley'. I had plenty of pot for the w read Sex Story
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  12. Our Cuckholding History

    6/19/2016: 1. “Guess what Thomas wants for Christmas.” Helen handed Gary a scotch then stood with her hands on her hips. She addressed my friend Gary but looked defiantly into my eyes. “Helen, don’t. Not now. Just cool your jets.” I tried to keep a flat and casual tone but I could tell that desperation tainted my comment. “Just guess Gary. What do you think my husband, your friend wants most of all for Christmas?” Gary looked back and forth from Helen to myself, trying to decipher the tension between us. “I don’t know... A silver BMW... a winning lottery ticket... his two front teeth...really read Sex Story
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  13. My Son Caught me Masturbating one Morning

    6/19/2016: As a c***d he was breast fed. Looking back, that's how we bonded, watching his pink mouth around my nipple, sexually aroused me, regardless of where I was, my nipples were highly erogenous, it was as if they were connected directly to my clitoris, and stimulating one, led to self abuse of the other. I walked one Sunday in the park, on a warm day. I lifted my son out of his pram, and started to breast feed him. The park was devoid of people, as I opened my blouse, perhaps a little too much for decencies sake, but it made me feel warm and sort of delicious, like it did when I was a girl, runn read Sex Story
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  14. Another Bad Date

    6/18/2016: I never knew when I broke up with my boyfriend, that I wouldn’t be able to meet anybody after that. I go on blind dates all the time and I just can’t seem to meet anybody. I’m starting to lose interest with dating completely. I can’t find anybody who I get along with, or any that are remotely good looking. Every week, I go on a few blind dates and they never turn out good. My friends read Sex Story
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  15. Wife shares herself for me.

    6/18/2016: So my wife knows I'm a huge baseball fan. My team was in the World Series and I missed out on getting tickets to go. I told her I would love to go downtown near the stadium to watch the game, as the atmosphere would be crazy. My wife agreed and said we could make it a date night just the two of us. Well the day came for game one and she came down with the flu. So games one and two where spent at home watching the game and taking care of her. She felt pretty bad and said if the series made it back for games 6 and 7 she would make it up to me. It turned out that the series came back to to read Sex Story
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  16. Mother's Sex Slave

    6/18/2016: Mother’s Sex Slave Son discovers the pleasure of being a sex slave to his mother This is a personal account of my life’s experiences. All the characters and incidents are real. I dedicate this article to my beautiful sexy loving insatiable mother, Bharathi Devi from whose cunt I was born and have been trying relentlessly to go back into her cunt.My name is Shiva. My mother, Bharathi Devi is sex goddess, kamarani, kamarupini, Kama swarupini, Kamuki, Kamadasi, kamadevatha, Kamakshi, Kama sundari, Kameswari, Kamini. She was a school teacher and now is a lecturer. She is a fair, sexy, ta read Sex Story
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  17. Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 1

    6/17/2016: The Story I am telling is my true story which happened 13 years ago. I will write this story in many parts, so make sure to check back.A bit about me I am a pakistani Housewife based in Pakistan, now aged 41. My husband is 20 years older than me (I was remarried after my divorce). I was divorced from my first husband because he found out about my affair with someone. My current husband is not good in bed so I had to get my sexual satisfaction elsewhere. My husband is a business man so has to travel much and doesnt have much time.The Beginning It was the end of August 2003 read Sex Story
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  18. Chapter 5 Elizabeth’s story - Gary wants to enter me!

    6/17/2016: As I tried to regain my senses following the earth shattering orgasm that Gary had just given me with his tongue and fingers, I was shocked back to reality when Gary climbed between my legs. As naïve as I was, I knew that he was positioning himself to penetrate my virgin pussy with his throbbing erection. I could not allow him to fuck me; no how, no way! The list of sins and mistakes Gary and read Sex Story
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  19. Abbi, part two

    6/16/2016: I put my hand on the back of her neck and gave her a full kiss on the lips, I thought she might pull away, but I couldn’t resist. Her body stiffened a little at first, but then her mouth opened and our tongues were teasing. My other hand slide down her body and cupped her ass cheek, squeezing. I started to pull my mouth from hers, but she stood up on tiptoes, her tongue chasing mine as she leaned into me. She moaned something into my mouth and we finally broke the kiss, both breathing heavy. “What did you say, baby?” She looked me in the eyes, “I said I want this,” and lifted her arms up ov read Sex Story
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  20. Non rifiuto un aiuto per mia sorella

    6/15/2016: Ho 22 anni vivo in provincia di Firenze, studio, ho una fidanzata carina che non mi fa mancare nulla. La mia famiglia è composta da papà, mamma e una sorella di 19 anni. Mia sorella è 'grassottella', non grassa, sicuramente poco appariscente, non voglio dire che sia brutta. Certamente lei non fa nulla per apparire, a volte un pò di trucco e una gonnellina ti cambiano completamente. Non ha molti amici e a volte il Sabato sera la porto con me e i miei amici, la speranza è sempre che trovi un ragazzo. Che possa uscire con qualcuno. Ha avuto un ragazzo per un periodo, uno o due mesi, ma poi è read Sex Story
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