1. My favorite sitter.

    1/8/2018: When I was quite young, my Mom wouldn't leave me at home without a sitter. She got this young college girl from the neighborhood to stay with me on weekend nights so she could go out partying with her friends. I thought I was a big boy and could stay by myself, but she wouldn't have any of it. Anyway the girl watching me was named Heather. She didn't really look like an adult but Mom trusted her because she was really mature and trustworthy. We usually got pizza delivered, watched tv, and I usually fell asl**p on the couch with her next to me, and wouldn't remember anything until, she woke read Sex Story
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  2. My Cum Donation

    1/7/2018: One evening, I was browsing the woman seeking men ads on a popular website, and I stumbled upon an ad from a single woman that was seeking a sperm donor that was clean, DDF free, healthy, and college educated. I was curious (and it kind of seemed arousing to me at the time), so I responded to the ad. The next day, I received a response from the woman. She asked some more questions, but nothing identifying on either my part, or her part. Basically, she explained that she wanted a no-strings-attached sperm donor to try and get pregnant. I asked how would she like to arrange this. She explain read Sex Story
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    1/6/2018: It was the cool of the evening, around 8:00PM, Betsy, Hal, Jim and I had just finished a couple rounds of torrid sex and where sitting around sipping drinks and engaging in conversation. Betsy and I were stripped down to just garters, hose and heels while sitting at the small dinette table in their small cabin. The two guys, totally naked sat in the den drinking their beer while regaining their strength for some more fun! My husband Jim and I had agreed to stay the night and since Betsy and Hal's cabin was located in a very secluded spot, I figured that Hal had some outdoor activities in m read Sex Story
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  4. The Preacher's Daughter

    1/6/2018: Tommy Blakely was sitting at the diner having a soda one hot summer day. He often came to this diner because he liked watching the nearby river, but today it was just too hot to be sitting outside. As he sat there on the counter close to the register, a young girl came into the diner. Tommy thought she was attractive; five foot, three inches tall, blond hair, and green eyes. He hadn't seen read Sex Story
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  5. Bound for Hawaii

    1/5/2018: “So this is how it’s going to be”, I thought to myself. I looked around at my crew and couldn’t believe my eyes. This is what I get for putting an ad on Craigslist. I should have known better. Free Trip to Hawaii I am off to sail the South Pacific and need crew to help sail my boat to my first stop in Hawaii. No experience necessary, just a healthy sense of adventure, no fear and willing to learn and work. Please text me at … All the men that responded were either pretty weird, running from the law, were lazy or afraid of water. I have no clue what’s wrong with men these days read Sex Story
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  6. Watching from The Bar - Part 2. Helens Story.

    1/3/2018: Part two, from Helens point of view.http://xhamster.com/stories/watching-from-the-bar-part-1-617814 Hi. My name is Helen. My husband, Steve, and I are taking a weekend trip in at a Beach resort. Being a very regular, fortyish couple I was was expecting a typical sun, sand and nice dinners weekend. I turned out that I was wrong, very wrong! I found myself in the craziest weekend of my life, and I was loving every minute of it! We are both very fit and trim, even for our age. I have a few extra pounds, but Steve tells me the sit in all the right places. Even I have to admit that my hip read Sex Story
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  7. 'The Nurse - Part I'

    1/2/2018: 'The Nurse - Part I' by DizzyDFor Connie, thanks for your inspiration - Love, DD Hi Everybody. My name is Connie, and for as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a nurse. From the time I was a little girl, I loved the starched white uniforms and squared off hats the nurses wore on the TV shows of the 60’s and 70’s, and when I played with my dolls, I pretended I was Barbie, the pretty nurse who was in love with Ken, the handsome doctor, and together we would save lives and live happily ever after. Then when I was sixteen, I started volunteering as a ‘Candy Striper read Sex Story
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  8. Slavery Prep by Not Step Mom

    1/2/2018: James, or Jamie as his mom and friends called him, had turned 18 and graduated from the national high school program. Under federal law, within six months of graduation all males were legally required to enter a higher education program, secure employment, or enter military service. Jamie had been unable to succeed at obtaining any of these mandated requirements. His physical stature was much smaller than most young men of his age. At 5'6" he was considered short, lean and skinny, and lacked much muscular strength. He lacked the minimum physical requirements to enter military service and w read Sex Story
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  9. Teen helps Latina MILF

    1/1/2018: Let me preface by saying I’m a skinny, white, 18 year old male. I’m not particularly tall - average height I guess? My style is kinda rocker/skater/alternative, with longish hair. I grew up and spent most of my teen years in Greenfield Massachusetts, which has a rural, small town community vibe. Anyway, last year, my dad found a new job in downtown Boston – so we moved to a suburb just outside of Boston, Winthrop. It is a nice coastal town – quiet and clean compared to other cities surrounding Boston. We rented an apartment in a 3 f****y home. This was kind of a shock for me, c read Sex Story
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  10. Airport Surprise - Chapter Two

    1/1/2018: Airport Surprise - Chapter Two I woke the next morning and realized the covers were gone. And so were my shorts. I was naked with no idea how I got that way. I opened my eyes and saw Taylor. She was on the edge of the bed staring at my soft cock. "You saw me naked. I thought it was only fair that I got to see you naked. You've got a nice cock. May I touch it?" she asked. "I suppose so," I said pensively. She reached out and lightly ran her fingers across my now hardening cock. When it stood on its own, she wrapped her fingers around it. She squeezed it a few times then played with my balls read Sex Story
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  11. Heading to L.A. (Clay, Cole and I continue)

    1/1/2018: Clay and I rode together in his car, while Clay dropped Nate off at home, proudly displaying phone numbers for Marko, Matt, Jessie, and Mike. Clay showed me he got Brian’s number and a few others. Cole didn’t share with the young guys that he too got Marko and Matt’s numbers. Clay and Cole sat in the pool house for a while and talked while Nate and I cleaned up, made some dinner, and chatted about new swim and under gear styles coming out. Cole motioned for us to come over and all was well. Cole did admit, what everyone already knew, was that he was bisexual, and did really get turned o read Sex Story
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  12. Fantasy Tribute to Kowilliam

    12/31/2017: It wasn't like us to meet up with anyone. The fun was in the ether of the Internet, but here we were! Xhamster just came to reality! The night was cold but quiet as we pulled into the parking lot of the bar. We had never been here before, but this is where he asked to meet for drinks! It was surreal. We looked at each other in disbelief as I parked. A crooked smile hung on Mia's lips. She was already playful and glowing. She reached over and grabbed me pressing a wet and desired filled kiss hard on my lips. My tension at the anticipation of the meet lessened. Then while still pres read Sex Story
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