1. real estate wife

    9/23/2018: .This stort relates to my wife rittu and me and we are married for 25 years having 2 k**s from our marriage and both the k**s were studying abroad and every month we used ro send money to them. I was in realestate business and rittu was a housewife with sexy bomb figure of 363438 and she had a fair complexition and used tp look very hot in saree .All the males in the colony uses to have thier lusful eyes on her body.In the evening we often used to go to the clubs and used to have drinks and the male members in the club used to offer us free drinks so that they can have a look at my sexy wife read Sex Story
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  2. My beginning

    9/23/2018: I have been a closet cross dresser since my early teens seeking my mother's panty hose and underwear I thought I had kept it well hidden when I turned twenty I got a place of my own I found it very hard to get my women's clothing since I didn't have the courage to go out in public which brings me to my story . a friend of moms named Sherri was bag ng problems with her old man and they had spot up she came to me and asked if she could move in and help with the rent I was all for it Sherri wes a tall red head very pretty and we'll built a couple of weeks went by she was gone one evening a pair o read Sex Story
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  3. The Reparations Act 56

    9/20/2018: The Reparations Act by yutubeslut A56 had a massive black cock up her asscunt as others took turns pulling on her enormous and hypersensitive nipples. The Master pounded away at her with a ferocity that would have killed anyone else from centuries past. A56 screamed in pain and pleasure, cumming over and over, a small pool of semen collecting on the floor beneath her, oozing from her tiny erect penis. Her little balls were equally pathetic. A56 loved it, of course. She was literally made for this purpose. She now had no idea why she'd felt so scared this morning. Earli read Sex Story
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  4. Le Freak

    9/20/2018: Le Freak ©Castlequeen 2015 Le Freak. Yeah, it's a great song, and it describes me perfectly. I AM quite the freak, but I guess it comes from being smart enough to know what I want in life, and careful enough to get it without getting in trouble. Perhaps I ought to explain. I lost my virginity right out of high school, what with all the horror stories of diseases, I didn't want to rush into read Sex Story
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  5. CL Meeting

    9/19/2018: BABY MOMMA GONE…NEED ME A FAGGIT That’s what the title read. It caught Jeremiah Hall’s attention. He clicked to open it. The content read, ‘Looking for a faggit bitch to use tonite. Gonna use you as my cumdump, etc. I’m a thug that need a sissy ASAP. Hit me up. Five 55. Let’s fuck. 2 zero zero. Very soon slut. 56 want it now. Hosting at a motel. Seven. Call only. 5’ The ad on Craigslist intrigued Jeremiah. So he punched the number in his cell phone and hoped the posting person would answer. “Hello,” said a deep voice. “Hi. I saw your ad on C-L. I’d like to be your bitch boi t read Sex Story
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  6. The Devil's Pact Chapter 49: The Victors' Reward

    9/18/2018: The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Forty-Nine: The Victors' Reward Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. Who were the Patriots? Who wrote their Manifesto? After the ravages of the Demon Wars, only speculation was left behind. The only clue that had survived was a paper that had purportedly been found in a safety deposit box in Philadelphia. On read Sex Story
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  7. Miss Kim

    9/16/2018: It was the middle of the summer, and Shirley, Marsha, JJ and her s****r Claudia and Claudia's two daughters were taking their annual 2 week vacation in North Carolina at her parent's house. This left me all alone, a bachelor again. Claudia lived in Northern Virginia and had driven down Saturday so that they could pull out Sunday morning. After they had left I spent the rest of the day laying around munching on snacks, sl**ping, and just doing whatever I wanted. The week was going mostly the same way, I would get home from work, strip down to tee shirt and shorts. I would lay around enjoyin read Sex Story
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  8. Мой первый мужчина

    9/16/2018: Привет. Я расскажу реальную историю о том как я стала женщиной. Сейчас мне уже почти сорок лет, но события того лета до сих пор свежи в моей памяти. Мне было 18 лет и я был высоким и стройным юношей. Но широкие бёдра и узкая грудная клетка отличали меня от моих атлетически сложенных ровесников. Я был романтичным и нежным и в отличии от них не интересовался футболом и мотоциклами. Я любил читать и смотреть мелодрамы и любовные истории, а на красивых и сильных мужчин смотрел с замиранием сердца. Так как я с детства считала себя девочкой, то повествование буду вести именно так. Один такой м read Sex Story
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  9. Life of a IMVU fucking spritualist Day 6

    9/15/2018: Authors Note: Click my name up top ^^ up there ^^ to read previous Days :) DracMorair: THE SESSION IS TO BEGIN DracMorair: ((POST ENTRANCE (3+ lines) what world, what were you doing, what did you see when the rift appeared, what got you curious to walk through.... and briefly your thoughts of who you are)) tokyoextreamracer: ((Logging into skype lol)) DracMorair: ~~Experiement #2. Borrowing from read Sex Story
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  10. Suzy Unleashed Chapter 5

    9/15/2018: I woke up on Saturday horny and ready for the next part of my adventure. In the back of my mind I still harbored nagging doubts about being introduced to Kathy’s anonymous friend, but knowing that I’d be sandwiching him between Steve and Ron allowed me to concentrate on how much fun I was going to have with them. Besides, I rationalized, Kathy wouldn’t be setting me up with another guy unless she read Sex Story
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  11. Room Serviced

    9/13/2018: I travel a lot for work. When I'm away from home I indulge my interest in cross-dressing. I don't ever leave my hotel room dressed, I just wear lingerie and fantasize while I masturbate. I fantasize about being in the arms of a man, having him slide his hand into my panties... things like that. As time has gone on, I've added a dildo to my activities. I started with a tiny butt-plug and have read Sex Story
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  12. Santa Baby

    9/12/2018: Santa Baby Nikkie Silk It was the last Friday night before Christmas, and the pub was packed with office workers intent on celebrating the Christmas spirit by getting as d***k as they could manage. Slade were belting out ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ over the speakers and the whole pub was raucously joining in with the chorus. People were kissing under pieces of plastic mistletoe and more than one office romance would begin, and probably end, that evening. The group that had grabbed a table to the side of the bar were typical of the customers in the pub. Working at one of the companie read Sex Story
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