1. Transitions

    4/22/2017: Jason sat on the bed with Brianna, a lump in his throat. "What is it," she said, "you are really freaking me out." Jason fumbled his words, straining to maintain eye contact as he looked into her deep beautiful blue eyes. "I'm not sure how to tell you this really so I guess I will just come out and say it." The irony of his choice of words was not lost on him. Five years earlier read Sex Story
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  2. Sissify Yourself

    4/20/2017: Behaviour Modification and Sissy Training 1. Think about why you want to become a girly girl before you do it. Having the clear goal of looking great and being happy because of it, will add to your self esteem. Which in turn will increase your attractiveness through radiating self assurance. If you just go through the motions, it will show. "any "female" can present herself in a feminine and alluring way with patience and practice, but before you can captivate and entrance even an audience of one, you must learn to move with effortless beauty." 2. Substitute clumsiness and jerky read Sex Story
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  3. Suzy Unleashed Chapter 9

    4/20/2017: I slept very little on Tuesday night, tossing and turning as I tried to come to grips with the step I was about to take. At about 5:00 I decided I wasn’t going to get any more sleep, so I got out of bed, and, with nothing else to do, started to prepare myself. I showered and shaved both my face and my entire body, making sure there was absolutely no stubble left behind, then spent over an hour read Sex Story
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  4. Gender bent - Somebody's Bitch

    4/19/2017: Gender bent – somebody’s bitch I woke up to the humming from Kandi as I popped open one eye and canvased the room. I let out a load “Ughhh” and turned over. I noticed my butt hurt while Kandi came over to me wearing a lace bra and panties and smiled “Looks like the sluts awake” she then giggled as her cock was out just standing in the wind. “What happened last night?” as I removed the bobby pins that kept my wig in place. “Well we got really, really, and I mean Really wild last night with me and Dave.” Suddenly it hit me. Memories flood my head of the steamy night we had. I remember waking read Sex Story
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  5. Chastity Locked Midget

    4/16/2017: “Hey, E,” Shayla Fields greeted her baby daddy. “Hey, sexy,” smiled the tall, slim former high school basketball star. “Wassup?” “I gotta work over. Can you pick up Katelyn from my Uncle Lamar’s house,” she inquired referring to their ten-month old baby daughter. “Yeah. What time?” “As soon as you can go.” “Aiight bet! I’ma head out in five.” “Thanks!” “Anytime!” Errol Reynolds locked the door of his efficiency apartment and hopped into his black 2010 Ford Focus sedan. He sped down the highway eager to retrieve his youngest c***d. He had two others – both boys. He was a stereotypical read Sex Story
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  6. Mrs. Townsend

    4/15/2017: It is our anniversary and I sit naked on our bed. When I awoke this morning I was told to shower and to shave every inch of my body, to rub lotion and powder on myself so that every inch of me was soft and caressable. I have done as I was told; I am very obedient. By now the cherry red polish on my toes and my fingers are dry and shiny. My lips are glossed the same color. My eyebrows are plucked and shaped, my lashes curled, my face powdered, my cheeks blushed, my shoulder-length hair combed. I am so excited I want to touch myself, to give myself some relief, but I dare not read Sex Story
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  7. playing with daddy

    4/15/2017: So after our last meeting daddy had forbidden me from cumming. For me this is very hard because I have a high sex drive especially since daddy was texting me constantly teasing me. I nearly lost it once Friday night when daddy sent me a pic of him cumming to a pic I sent him and commanded me to send him one of my soft clitty so he knew I was being good. Every five mins I delayed he said it was five more spanks(he had picked up on my love of being spanked). This nearly broke me I was so turned on and every time I almost got control of myself the message would come "You sissy whore that's five m read Sex Story
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    4/15/2017: Hi so the first time i went to a bathhouse was when i was 18 , i was dating a 44yr old dominate top tranny (Tina) who had the biggest uncut latino thick cock, her cock was the one that made me not only give up on girls but she turned my body and mind into a complete bottom sissy , my butt became her pussy and my hole was being waxed ,dressed stretched , eaten , fingered and breed!!! i was so scared when she came inn me and pnp made me forget about the fear and just enjoy!!!! we loved to smoke T and poppers during sex ... anyways we were bored and high and she had me completely dressed up in he read Sex Story
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  9. Vegas Luck Part 2

    4/14/2017: I let Dina rest and catch her breath for a while. I was enjoying the feeling of having her semen in my mouth. “You did good Gray.” She said as I cuddled her on the sofa, idly playing with her breast. My dick was still hard from the enjoyment I’d just got and I was desperate for more. There was no way I was letting her out of my room for quite a while. “We should shower and get to bed.” She said, read Sex Story
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  10. From a shy virgin college boy, to makeup and heels

    4/13/2017: So I'd been away at college for about a month, didn't have many friends, or any confidence to speak of. Not long after starting classes I started dating this older girl, she was cute, but a real bitch, she wouldn't fuck me, she'd treat me terrible, and make me wear her panties while I ate her pussy, and after she came, she would watch me cum on my stomach, and then run her fingers through it, and stuff them in my mouth. While this would turn me on to a point, I knew this girl had to go, after a few weeks I finally managed to get away from this abusive girl. So a little time goes by after th read Sex Story
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  11. Part 3

    4/12/2017: I suppose I had better get the one where I had my fantasy, out of the way. It's not that interesting, unless you are me! When dressing I always fantasised about two things, either having sex with a guy whilst wearing lingerie and stockings or being pounded by a big black guy with a 12 inch cock. I got one but not the other! In one my chats with Steve he asked me about my cross dressing and why I did it etc. I told him that above all, I just love cross dressing. He had tried it in the past but it hadn't done anything for him. We got into a discussion about female clothes and what I read Sex Story
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  12. The Odd Meeting Part 2

    4/12/2017: Ross stands and takes me in his arms. He kisses me again, pushing his cummy tongue deep into my mouth and letting me taste my own cum. When he breaks away, he asks me if I would like a hot drink! The question seems so incongruous but I say coffee, please. He makes the coffee and I watch him and then we sit side by side at the little table! He has put out some biscuits as well. 'To keep your strength up' He grins! We sit and chat about all sorts of things and his hand rests on my stockinged thigh and he slowly rubs it. When his hand starts to creep up towards my panties I know that I should be read Sex Story
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