1. The Little Things in Life

    10/1/2016: CHAPTER 1 Sometimes it’s the little seemingly inconsequential things in life that are the most meaningful—that have the greatest impact on our lives. I should know. That’s exactly what happened to me just over eighteen months ago. It appeared to have no meaning at the time, but it turned my life upside down. My inconsiderate lout of a husband had left early that Saturday morning to play pool with read Sex Story
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  2. Amber The Teen Tranny Part 2

    9/27/2016: Friday couldn't come fast enough! Amber and I had made plans to go for dinner and drinks and for her to spend the night at my place. I picked her up and could hardly contain myself when she got into the car. She wore pink nylons, short black dress that rode up when she got into my car, pink garter belt, pink silk thongs and high heels. She leaned over for a kiss and we ended up in a grope session right outside her place. She finally pulled away and said we should go before someone from her f****y saw us. She had mentioned me to them but not my age. As I pulled onto the main street Amber read Sex Story
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  3. -----CUNT 4------

    9/26/2016: After our fun in the kitchen, Derek stayed and made himself breakfast and I headed upstairs to get ready for the day. I pulled out all of my clothes from duffel bag and laid them out on top of my comforter. I had so much new clothing! I decided on wearing a thong this time as I had yet to wear one out besides the brief moment trying it on when it arrived in the mail. I perused my options amongst read Sex Story
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  4. The civillian

    9/26/2016: I shadow wrote this story for a friend. The two of us hope you enjoy it. When I finished high school I spent a few months working, before being drafted. Aside from a short period of training, during the first half of my term I spent most of my time behind a desk. I did spend a day a week doing guard or drill duty, to keep in shape and keep my field skills fresh. When things escalated and another unit was in need of a new sergeant, I was promoted and got reassigned. Still behind a desk, but now assigned to a war zone, I did spend a lot more time in the field. I had to go often to an improvi read Sex Story
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  5. I Saw Her In Him, The Beginning

    9/21/2016: I was flying up the highway in the old truck. Hoping to make it in time for Monday Night Football. My mind was wandering, when I was brought back to reality seeing a person on the highway. I let off of the throttle a little so as not to blow him off the road. He stuck out his right arm turning to see me head on. Not an axe killer by any means. Short and thin build college student type read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans, Author: Assluvr, Source: LushStories

    9/18/2016: My name is Penny, a nylon loving transvestite and this is my story of a first time kinky encounter out of my home. I have always envied other TVs who seem to lead the kinky life and love looking at their pictures and reading their stories. It was time to venture out myself I am almost 53 years old so nothing ventured nothing gained. I should think for all of my life I've had a great interest in retro lingerie and nylons with memories of high heels clicking around the home. That feminine whisper of sheer nylons and silky petticoats rubbing against tight skirts and dresses always stayed with me read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, First Time, Trans, Author: SheerNylonPenny, Source: xHamster
  7. The Tutor and Jenny (Part 5)

    9/13/2016: The Tutor and Jenny (Part 5)by Claude van Feinbode "I know," said Gina. "Fuck me, and you'll be a virgin no more" My cock was already sliding in and out of Gina's tight ass. I couldn't see Jenny as she pushed her beautiful cock into Gina's wet pussy, but all I heard Gina say was, "yes…that's it…..slowly….look at your dick…just look at it as it moves." I was on my back and I could only imagine the sight that Gina beheld. Two cocks pushing in and out of her. I was holding Gina's hips as she moved rhythmically to the tempo of two cocks pleasuring her. I took my ri read Sex Story
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  8. First local meet.............

    9/11/2016: The day eventually arrived and the anticipation of the meet which had played havoc on my mind had dawned. Only a few hours left of work and then a meeting which in some ways was exciting and extremely fraught with trepidation. I felt as if I had worked for this liaison for a very long time and I kind of thought that I had in some way earned it. I guess he has a profile picture in which immediately takes you attention as your eyes fall upon him for the first time. The bonus is that he is also local, somewhat reducing any travelling time down to a minimum. I new in my heart that I had to have read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Trans, Author: celtic-green, Source: xHamster
  9. The Honeymoon

    9/10/2016: Sarah and I had just been married. It was a her dream wedding, everything she wanted, I agreed to. It was hard not to considering her Dad was paying for the bulk of it. But whatever made her happy I was all for. You know the old saying, "Happy Wife, Happy Life". I tried for the most part to adhere to this motto through our entire relationship. Thats not to say I didn't put my foot down on occasion read Sex Story
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  10. The Roommate Pt. 01

    9/8/2016: feminization – transformation – sissification – femdom – blackmail – anal masturbation – cock worship – crossdressing – whoring/prostitution – sissy I lean forward, staring at a big cock going in and out of a girl's tight ass on my computer screen. I'm jacking myself off so hard, and I can feel the thong pressing against my asshole, I don't know why it's turning me on so much right now. I'm getting close, and stare intently at how the cock rhythmically thrusts into her ass. Suddenly, my cock erupts cum into my hand, filling it and then some with a huge load. A feeling of shame washes read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Fetish, Trans, Author: naughty_bi_interest, Source: xHamster
  11. Daniel Effeminate College Student

    9/5/2016: Chapter 1 The Beginning Daniel, an Italian boy in his late teens is starting a fine arts program at a college in the US. He had been awarded a full scholarship as part of an exchange program with the international arts community. He arrives before classes begin and has to stay in a hotel at his expense as the residence on campus in not available for a week. He is happy to be there as this is freedom for the boy as he can now begin to express his true desires to be gay and effeminate. At home it was not possible with the closeness of his f****y, friends and values of his community. However read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Mature, Trans, Author: colourfast, Source: xHamster
  12. Shemale Mom

    9/3/2016: It was a sunny day when I got home from School, My Mother asked me how my day was to which I replied that it was okay, she seemed pleased with my answer, then she said we'd have to have a talk after dinner, I went up stairs and laid down and started thinking about how I was bullied in school again, was it my fault I had a slight built and girls while nice did nothing for me. After eating dinner I helped my was the dishes then we went into the living room to watch The Bachelor, she kept commenting on how cute the guys were. Later she said we need to clear the air son I told her okay, she sai read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Gay, Trans, Author: sissytimmy, Source: xHamster