1. Home.

    8/30/2018: I now live in a cute, one bedroom house outside of Atlanta. My boyfriend, Daniel, owns it and invited me to live with him. We have dated for a couple of months and we have become close. We almost have not stopped having sex since we moved in. I am a little bit of a slut (or so I like to think) and he is always wanting to try something new. After a few days things have gotten a bit normal. I heard his alarm, when he stopped it, he rolled over and wrapped his arm around me. I could feel his breath by my ear. I turned my head to him, he caught my lips quickly. Enjoying that kind of early morni read Sex Story
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  2. My new Me with Her P1

    8/28/2018: I was walking from college tired and hungry. Well what's new about that ? My name is Alex and I'm 22. I'm 5'6, blonde athletic women, I used to play soccer but because of a knee injury I had to stop, I also have small boobs that I'm pretty ashamed of. Oh and also I'm gay. I had a girlfriend but she had to move out because her father had found a new job so that's how she became an ex. So back to read Sex Story
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  3. Becoming Sadi

    8/28/2018: Becoming Sadi Cody open's his eyes as he awakes, looking around at his familiar surroundings in his bedroom. Band posters, comic books and video games all over the floor. His parents always gave him crap about the things he liked and tell him the typical "you're too old to be into thoses kinda things!" He didn't care though. He stepped out of his bed in his black t-shirt and grey track pant's that read Sex Story
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  4. The Genius in Sex Part 5: Lesson Notes

    8/28/2018: I'm Alphonse Chereau, your favorite French-American college student. I'm 25 years old, I'm 6'3" tall, and my weight really isn't very important. I have dark brown hair, deep green eyes, and tan skin, as well as an 8-pack. I just got done getting a blowjob from my wife, which was amazing. *** I stroll across campus, I'm in no hurry. I glance around and notice how many people are sprinting to read Sex Story
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  5. This Is How I Fucked A Ladyboy (On Purpose)

    8/26/2018: Note: English isn't my first language, so bare with me if I have made a mistake. As y’all know, Thailand is full of a rather odd kind of human beings. They’re usually called ladyboys, also known as shemales, trannies, chicks with dicks, and some more creative terms. They are dudes (this is the first and last time I’ll say this, cause really, it’s kinda gross if you think about it), but they feel read Sex Story
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  6. Making of

    8/22/2018: THE MAKING OF JANE Jason H. was a small boy who had suffered from heart problems as a c***d and had not been permitted to play the "rough games" other boys his age played. At age 11 he was finally given a clean bill of health and allowed to be a normal boy, but he was shunned by the other boys because he didn't know how to play football or baseball or basketball or any other active sports. Whenever, the other boys had to pick teams, Jason was always the last one picked due to his lack of skill and small size. This hurt him greatly, and he always avoided being put in the position read Sex Story
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    8/20/2018: I have a passion for corsets and black fully fashioned seamed nylons, which I like to wear with tight revealing tops and miniskirts or very clingy dresses. I always wear multi strap 10 or 14 suspenders with a tight lacing corset that reduces my waist and gives a sexy outline to my shape. My favourite stockings are the fully fashioned black seamed ones where there is a choice of point or Cuban heel. I have a few special bras designed to take false breasts and I go for a busty look with 44e bust size. My chest is only 38 inches so I am able to create a large bust with my false breasts that l read Sex Story
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  8. Who's The Sissy Now?

    8/20/2018: Like many people, I was bullied in school. I was small, slender and effeminate and, as a result, was often called gay, queer, fag and sissy by school bullies. The fact that what they said was sort of true just made it closer to the bone and more painful to hear. Like many teenage boys, I was going through something of an identity crisis surrounding my body and my blossoming sexuality. The feelings that I had always had as a c***d that me being a boy wasn't quite right were now increasingly pronounced. Of course, under the circumstances, this just made me more embarrassed and insecure, I was so read Sex Story
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  9. One of my true experiences...a unexpected opportun

    8/18/2018: So I had this wedding to go to, and at the time I was dating a Russian girl named Vicky...it wasn't serious, mostly just a sexual relationship. She was a sexy girl who knew it. At first she didn't want to be my date but after some convincing she agreed to go. The night of the wedding I picked her up at her house. She come out wearing a sexy tight blue roughed mini dress with shiney tan pantyhose, beige high heels...her makeup and hair were perfect, with her amazing tits just teasing you in the tight dress. She looked so amazingly hot. The wedding was a great time with drinking and dancing read Sex Story
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  10. Happy Birthday Mike

    8/17/2018: All characters are 18+ Happy Birthday Mike Mike cringed as he stood at the cutting board on the kitchen's island counter, his eyes narrowed at his parents, who were standing in the living room, putting on their coats as he chopped carrots. "Chloe, honey!" Mike's stepmom called out from the living room. Mike was practically scowling when his older step-s****r Chloe skipped down the stairs and into the room. She was wearing an outfit so typical for her, it was practically her trademark. A simple, pleated maroon skirt hung down to her knees, meeting the white, knitted stockings that w read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Trans, Taboo, Author: LordWesley, Source: xHamster
  11. abused shemale toy strikes back

    8/17/2018: These are excerpts from a horny chat i had with a guy. All I did now was taking out our sidetalk and try to correct any errors, since we are both non native english speakers. he knows it is used here and I am sure the story will continue. I'd love some feedback to see if i will upload the next parts. The story includes rough sex, dominance, breath play, v******e, and generally hardcore stuff, so if you are offended by that, stop reading. Since they are from a chat, perspective will change between us two, so everything from his perspective will be bold.I come home to you. You are stan read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Trans, Author: hikahuk, Source: xHamster
  12. Enslaved

    8/16/2018: As I stepped into the department store, I had to resist the natural urge to turn left and head for the electronics section. Instead, I turned right, penetrating deep into the mysterious world of women's apparel. Feeling conspicuous, I tried to look as if I belonged, relieved that there were no crowds so early in the day. This was the third time I had attempted this, and I was determined not to chicken out again. I knew what I wanted, but not where to find it - and I was far too nervous to ask for help. Of course, it ended up being in the last place I looked. Wandering anxiou read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Trans, Author: klammer, Source: xHamster