1. My mom is just as horny as I am!

    3/20/2018: First off let me tell you that all this actually happened in the real world, i'm not adding or changing any details or events. I'm going to be honest here and not feed you any of that common bullshit which, for me personally, usually ruins these stories. Even if they are not real. No, my mother did not have a pornstar body with the looks of a teen hollywood actress. She did not have me when she read Sex Story
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    3/20/2018: MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 51 THE TURNING POINT I felt relieved on informing my husband about my lesbian relationship with our neighboring teen aged girl Melina. I also informed my husband about my sexual session with Melina's 15 year old boyfriend Christopher. As expected by me, my husband's reaction was very normal. I am proud to have such a loving and understanding husband with an open read Sex Story
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  3. My Life story of sex Saga part 1

    3/19/2018: When I was a (blank) my oldest memory is of porn magazines I found in the bathroom covered where my father had hid them. There was an occasional playboy but mainly hustler with about 25% gallery. I remember all I was concerned with was the boobs nothing else I didn't understand why the women had nothing but hair between their legs. this went on for some time him occasionally catching me and read Sex Story
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  4. Julie

    3/16/2018: This is the story of myself and Julie. Julie was my first. The story seems like it went on for a long time, but when it was over it seemed as if it had happened in a flash. Still, it is engraved into my mind. Julie and I had known each other since we were 5. She was my next door neighbor, and for most of the time we were growing up, she was my best friend. Both of our brothers were a few years read Sex Story
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  5. From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 23

    3/16/2018: From Lonely Housewife to perverted Slut Chapter 23 INTRODUCTION: I read some of the comments. Calling me all sorts of names for cheating on my husband and other things. Yet how many of those guys would be the first in line to fuck my throat, ass or pussy? Why is it that when a guy is viral and fucks more than one woman he's called a stud cheating on his wife. When it's the other way around though read Sex Story
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  6. How our Landlord seduced my friend and then me

    3/16/2018: After plenty for requests to publish the story of my landlord,here I'm finally relating my experience.I'm an Indian girl,so Please forgive my English To find an apartment for rent for two single ladies is now officially categorized as herculean task. I had lost count of number of houses that I and my friend, Neha had visited over the past 6 days. The mobile numbers of brokers filled up my contact read Sex Story
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  7. Karen, My lover (pt3)

    3/14/2018: Karen didn't normally get any time off, being her mums career etc, but she did spend the odd night at mine, but for her birthday, we had agreed to go and spend a few nights alone together in a hotel. I left my car at hers and we walked with our back packs to Diss train station. I kept the location of our hotel a secret so it would be a surprise for her. At Norwich we had to change trains, and read Sex Story
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  8. Tori and ecstasy

    3/13/2018: I met some friends at a party that was at a friends of a friends, or something like that. All i know was that i knew three people there. It was at an old house on the north side of town, a large three or four bedroom house in a ghetto neighborhood. There was so many cars parked outside i had to park on the next street over and walk. As i came up to the house i could hear the loud music from a few read Sex Story
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  9. Wife Sue taken to S&M Club

    3/12/2018: As a couple they had often talked about developing their interest in S&M. Sue enjoyed a little pain and bondage and Max enjoyed dishing it out. They had both enjoyed their sessions with other couples and had fantasised about going further, about Sue being taken to a proper S&M club and being given to an expert for the evening while Max watched and at last an opportunity had presented itself. Max read Sex Story
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  10. A Threesome With My Wife and Her Best Friend

    3/11/2018: If anyone had told me that in less than fifteen minutes, I would be in a bed with my wife and her best girlfriend having a threesome I would have told them that they were out of their mind. Being an average male in my mid-thirties, that enjoyed a good fuck, I was not about to turn down the opportunity to fuck another woman’s pussy. Especially, since it was my wife that asked me if I wanted to fuck read Sex Story
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  11. High and horny

    3/10/2018: So... I am a bisexual, so I have a little lust when it comes to guys My friend James and I have started smoking with each other often, No not cigarettes. Anyways we would get so high and just be together all day Well one day we were stoned and at my house and of course we were starving so I decided to cook us some grill cheese sandwiches. James decided to keep my company as I cooked talking about read Sex Story
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  12. Have Hands--Will Travel Near Columbia , SC

    3/10/2018: Nicole ---- Columbia S C You won't find guys like me in the phone book. I advertise through word of mouth from ladies who have been on my massage table. I work out of Western North Carolina, but travel to surrounding states when needed. A satisfied client is my best advertisement...... These are true experiences I’ve had during my 35 years in this business. Some names were changed,but no places. I read Sex Story
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