1. Wild Riding to Dublin - A Sequel

    5/25/2018: Let me first inform you all that shortly after my true story entitled ‘Wild Riding to Dublin’ appeared online I received an unannounced visit from my seriously estranged ex-husband. This visit was in direct violation of the terms of our divorce and he was no longer supposed to have a key to my home (previously our home). So James, I am herewith publicising my intention of securing an injunction to read Sex Story
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  2. DR exam to Remember

    5/24/2018: Doctor’s visit turns out to be more than routine check up. It was on a Tuesday afternoon that I had a routine check up at my Dr’s office, the normal blood pressure check and questions to get a clean bill of health for my work. I was dreading going because of the Doctor I normally see, he’s the old school type that’s in the room for five minutes and then out and another wasted afternoon sitting in read Sex Story
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  3. Mutual Satisfaction

    5/22/2018: Megan had finally arrived home and couldn't wait to get out of her school clothes and into her favorite lounge-about clothing. The absence of her dad and step-mom's cars in the garage made her believe that she was alone. That was until she saw Terry's motorcycle under the tarp and realized he was home. Not a worry, she and her step-brother got along very well. As she waked past Terry's room she read Sex Story
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  4. The Caller 03

    5/21/2018: I didn't get another call from her for a few days, until I thought all of this was just a dream, or she may have abandoned me. I had obeyed her orders all that time, not wearing underwear any more and always keeping a toy with me. The toy was just a carrot, since I had never found the courage to buy myself a real vibrator or something else. Also, I could always act like I had it with me to snack read Sex Story
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  5. My First Time!

    5/21/2018: “Hey are you on your way?” “Yeah ill be there in 20” “Nice just message me when you get here.” I’m 17 years old in high school and I had no idea what I was doing. I had matched this hot nerdy sexy guy on tinder and we hit it off and he invited me over to his place. But before I begin this sexy scene let me give you all some descriptions. I call myself Elaina and I am a cross dresser and I am read Sex Story
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  6. Memories

    5/20/2018: I dont condone breaking any laws. Tell yourself this is fiction. I'm new here, be gentle. Memories I just recently consciously thought about this for the first time in many years. As I think back on my sexual experiences, it seems obtuse of me to not have put it all together before. From my earliest memories, I can remember being awake long after being put to bed. When we lived in the married read Sex Story
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  7. The True Story of My First Time

    5/20/2018: This is a true story. Copyright 2014 by the author. Introduction This is the 100% true, (to the best of my recollection) story of the first time I had sex. I know the circumstances might seem hard to believe, but I assure you, it really happened this way. There's not a lot of sex in this story, but I still think you might enjoy it. The True Story of My First Time It was mid June 1984, and I had read Sex Story
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  8. Firsts of many part2

    5/20/2018: I started this story to tell my true story of learning of sex, experiences and growth in my kinkiness. A lot of these are of my Naive years, learning the basics, I will keep these stories 100% true, only changing names and not embellishing. This story and previous were during my sophomore and junior years in High school. Mary was a hot little mexican with B cups and a bubble ass, Danielle was a read Sex Story
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  9. Part 2-Introducing Amy to the life style with a bbc

    5/20/2018: Introducing my ex to the life style with a bbc Part 2, All my stories are true experiences. Amy and I couldn’t stop talking about our night with Jim and after our Melbourne trip I really wanted to take Amy back up to see him knowing she loved it that much. I message Jim and we make plans to meet in couple weeks when he is free for the night. On the day Amy in such a great mood as she spends all read Sex Story
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  10. My First Time (Spacing Corrected)

    5/19/2018: DEE: I knew that people had sex from mid high school days, but didn't experience it until a few years later. My mother had told me the basics, so I knew I could get pregnant, but the processes of accomplishing it were fairly vague. I entered a strict Church related college right after graduation from high school, so my education about sex was still some ways off. During the second semester of my read Sex Story
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  11. Jackie trys anal ( b )

    5/18/2018: Last week turned out a lot better than I would have have expected with my girl friend, she had tricked me into going to a swingers club with her, and by the end of the night had been fucked by 4 guys, all dropping their cum in her pussy, more than once too. But what really surprised me was her wanting to see me being fucked by another guy, and even with her fisting me as the night wore on. I had read Sex Story
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  12. BBW ex wife cries poor

    5/18/2018: A bit of background before I get into my story. Beck and I were married for almost 10 years. About two and a half ago we decided to split up and go our separate ways. We continued to hack out some semblance of a friendship for our children after we split so we see eachother a lot more than most divorced couples. ----- Beck and I had dropped our daughter off at ballet practice. It was just down the read Sex Story
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