1. Twin Japanese Nieces Pt9

    11/20/2018: Twin Japanese Nieces Pt9 Mark sat for a few moments before standing and getting dressed. He still had a look of disbelief on his face as he tried to assimilate what had just happened. “Are you ok buddy?” I asked as he pulled his shirt over his head. “Yea,” he answered as he resumed his seat next to me. “But why did it have to be Erin that did that to me?” he asked in a very straight forward bit of read Sex Story
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  2. Karen's Hot Green Dress

    11/18/2018: Karen’s Hot Green Dress It was a quiet day in the office because many of the sales reps and management turds had gone to a regional meeting in Memphis. Of course, a few of the secretaries had to go along… to attend to their bosses’ needs… Yeah, right. I worked in different departments, depending on which one was short-handed or just behind. If a co-worker saw me yesterday, he/she thought nothing read Sex Story
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  3. You Won't Believe This

    11/13/2018: Well this might sound like something that is a little crazy and actually so did I until I thought more about it. I was on Craig list and read the following post: "Looking to try something different that I have had thoughts about.... You cum in and we both get naked and I start to stroke you till your close than you finish off shooting on my cock then lean over and clean it off with your tongue. If read Sex Story
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    11/12/2018: Her first experience with Latex 3 years ago, long before I ever found this site, I started this search to find a site, a sex site. Not a dating site, not some website where I was looking to hook up with anyone. All I wanted to do was share my stories and thoughts and get some feedback and do some innocent flirting along the way. Long story short, I found a chat/flirting site and within a couple of read Sex Story
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  5. Wife Sue deceived by her husband and his friend

    11/9/2018: We are both second timers and prior to our marriage both had a number of affairs. Sue is tall, early forties and not skinny but has still a very slim waist and flat stomach. Her 36" bust means breasts that are big enough for a good handful but they still hang nicely and sway deliciously as she walks bra-less. She has large brown aureoles and quite large and very sensitive nipples which go rock read Sex Story
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  6. My first Man

    11/9/2018: To start with this is a true story that happened to me about nineteen years ago. It is about my first and only bisexual encounter. This is the first time I have told this story, so I hope you enjoy it, and who knows maybe some one close to me will read it and be able to help me explore my bi-side a little further. I live if North Central Texas, and was on a business trip to South Florida, I had read Sex Story
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  7. I met her in the north

    11/9/2018: [i]Hello fellow readers of erotic/sex-stories! This is my very first story, please do not judge too harsh. The story starts quite slow with a lot of background information, people who just want some action can skip around ¾ of this story to the second last paragraph. It was a regular day when I was driving down the country road in my little beamer, I just had visited the North Cape a couple of read Sex Story
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  8. Darlene Chapter 2

    11/8/2018: Darlene Chapter 2 Darlene and I had been dating for a month and our usual routine was to see each other Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and sometimes a night during the week. Normally we spent Friday and Saturday night at my place and Sunday night at her place. If we saw each other during the week it was normally me coming over to her place. Darlene’s drinking was still pretty excessive and I read Sex Story
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  9. I want to fuck my daddy

    11/7/2018: I want my dad to fuck me! I dnt kno were this came frm but I want my daddy to fuck me. Nice hard strokes, lick my pussy,suck my nipples hard,suck on my clit,while I deep throat him, get his dick nice n wet have him stroke his dick while he watch me play wit my pussy. I'm 22, 5'4, no kids, live alone, black plus size, not sloppy tho, fat pussy and my shit stay tight and wet well, "juicy "so I've read Sex Story
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  10. Sharing girl-friend with best friend

    11/7/2018: I am Sanjay Ray, now aged some +28, a small scale manufacturer or businessman, and based in Calcutta. I am dark, average in built, with high libido. However, I married Tulika, @ Tuli, little more than two years ago (2012). Simply gorgeous, Tulika, my younger by 2 years, is a sharp-featured beauty with strange temptation written in her large eyes. She is pinkish-fair in complexion, tall in height read Sex Story
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  11. Brooke1

    11/7/2018: One year on a summer break i stayed at a friends house, his name was Brandon. He was an awesome guy and his family loved me so much they were happy to let me stay there until school started back up. He had a little sister named Brooke that had just turned 18 and she was a fox. She liked to walk around the house without a bra, i could always see her nipples through her shirt. She was very short, read Sex Story
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  12. The Cottage

    11/6/2018: Cam shivered as the hot water stop flowing. Quickly, he shot his arm out past the shower curtain and reached for the first grubby-looking, brown towel he could find, pulling it towards him. The towel felt crusty and hard as he rubbed it against his skin, almost as if it had never been washed. He smiled regardless - he had the cottage to himself this afternoon. Exhausted after helping his father read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Incest, Reluctance, Author: lookin2please, Source: sexstories.com