1. me and my mom gangbanged

    10/6/2016: hello every one my name is rishitha this story happened to me wen i was 16 years old . my size was 32-28-30 with a height 5'4 . me and my mom were the only people of our family. my dad died in army. as he died my mom got his pention every month of 20000. she's a teacher her size was 36-30-38 with a height of 5'4 and age 38. we both were very hot and beautifull. we got shifted to kolkata as it was read Sex Story
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  2. When 2 Become 3

    10/6/2016: The following is a true story about the 2 occasions that my girlfriend and I were in a situation that could quite easily of turned into a threesome. At the end, after the true story, I have included an alternate ending that is based on our own personal fantasy and purely fictional I hope you enjoy My girlfriend Kate (not her real name) and I met when we were nineteen years old. Like most new read Sex Story
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  3. Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 8 Re-Issued

    9/29/2016: Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 8 Re-Issued xnxx by gregorthegrant True Story, cheating Author's infos Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A Previously in Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 7 Re-Issued. I finally arrived at the office and went directly to my office. The first thing I wanted to do was talk to Tom and find out how the meeting the day before had gone. I walked down the hall read Sex Story
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  4. Couple's Webcam

    9/29/2016: Couple's Webcam NATURAL LOVE MAKING BY SEXY COUPLE !! http://www.adult-video-tube.com/ http://www.adult-video-tube.com http://www.adult-video-tube.com “You can call me Mike,” I say. “It’s a real pleasure to meet ya Mr. Mike,” Jed replies with a smile. Over the next few hours, this old dude tells me some of the most outlandish stories I have ever heard. I think perhaps that he’s been drinking too read Sex Story
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  5. Cocktail Party at Bill & Michelle's

    9/28/2016: I had known about Sue’s office escapades for several months now and still kept it a secret. I had seen Bill and Michelle several times and no one acted strange in any way, although I secretly had a massive desire to have sex with Michelle. We were invited to a cocktail party at Bill and Michelle’s house, with some of their friends and neighbors. Sue was the only person from the office invited and read Sex Story
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  6. From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 19 Re-Posted

    9/28/2016: From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 19 Re-Posted Edited by a friend. True Story, Anal, Black, Blowjob, Boys/Teen Female, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Female exhibitionist, Group Sex, Wife, Written by women Author's infos Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A Originally Posted Mon 24th of November 2014 No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same read Sex Story
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    9/25/2016: continued from part 1............... His thick bell was suddenly pressing against my bottom lip. This was so fucking wrong, but the sensations of utter weakness and surrender were overtaking my normal brain function. I was in deep shit here. I managed one last look up at the faggot. He was smiling down at me, hands now poised on his hips, the king of this world. He was not helping me, or forcing read Sex Story
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  8. In the closet with my cousin II

    9/21/2016: So, I decided to write the second part of this story. Please understand that my cousin and I had several different encounters when we were young and one when we were adults just a few years ago. I am writing about the ones that were really memorable. I cannot remember all of the details of the other ones but I do remember these in detail because they were so fucking unforgettably hot. As I noted read Sex Story
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  9. Neighborhood Mom, Part V - Exploration

    9/20/2016: If you haven't read the first few parts yet, you may want to read them in order so you understand where this is picking up.. Summary of the first post is that I was a teen and used to assist a woman in her forties (calling her "C" in the post here to protect her privacy) who lived in the next neighborhood. C was divorced and had one daughter left at home ("K" - about 16). After having peeped on read Sex Story
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    9/19/2016: MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 48 PHOTOS AND FUCKING It was a beautiful Saturday morning here in beautiful Switzerland. Although both of us, I and my husband loves to be naked at home when we are alone. But, not that day, even it was holiday. The reason was that a cute girl Melina, about 13 / 14 years old, beautiful and the only girl of our businessman neighbor, was at our home. She used to come read Sex Story
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  11. One weekend stand

    9/18/2016: This story happen when I was 23, 5’5 125lbs, 32a, bubble butt and living with my parents, dating my husband at the time. Parents were out west for a few weeks seeing my sister and bf went golfing for the long weekend. So here I was sitting at home Friday night when my girlfriend calls me. She asks me if I can drive her to get her tattoo the next morning. I said yes no problem. Saturday morning read Sex Story
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  12. Sue's girlfriends trick her to go to sex club

    9/17/2016: Sue’s friends had told her about this club while she was extremely relaxed. Relaxed as in a couple of bottles of wine and more than one roll your own with a generous portion of wacky, so it was not surprising that she had been interested and even willing to give it a try. The girls had told her that she would have to dress up in something really sexy, something which allowed the men to get at her read Sex Story
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  13. A Trip On My Own Pt. 2

    9/16/2016: Hey Everyone, Well, Part 2. I was on the wall for hours or so it seemed. It was making me sore to be there with my legs spread and I was having to pee but thought I may not be allowed. Finally the woman that had put me there came back and slapped my tits hard making me cry out. "God, ready little bitch?" she said with a growl in her voice. "Yes Mistress, I am ready." I told her. "Well, we will read Sex Story
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  14. Nurses' stories

    9/16/2016: I'll share a story that happened to me about 15 years ago. I’m a registered nurse and at the time was working the male orthopaedic ward. One day, I had a new patient, his name was Chris. Chris had been badly hurt in a motor bike accident and suffered a broken hip, leg fractures and arm fractures. He was young and athletic, 19 years old and very shy. I had to wash him in the morning. He kept read Sex Story
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  15. Hot sex at work

    9/16/2016: Well it all happens when 2 people who are attracted to each other with out knowing! On a sunny Tuesday afternoon and regular conversations about life and work turns to a more sexual nature. Let me start off by saying that I work in the auto parts industry so there is always men around but none you really want to date, marry or have a sexual encounter with! The new store manager is a funny caring read Sex Story
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  16. Step-fatherly love Part 3

    9/15/2016: As I kneel on the floor in front of my SF, between his legs, I am totally fascinated by how enormous his cock is even when it isn’t fully erect. It is black, long, thick, and juicy! I wait patiently for his instructions and after what seems like ten minutes (my mouth is watering!) he grabs a handful of my hair, pulls back firmly, and looks me directly in my eyes. He says “hold my cock and use your read Sex Story
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  17. One Way Cyber Sex

    9/15/2016: Okay, so there's this amazing lady. She's halfway across the world and we have been talking online, on and off, for almost thirteen years, but she and I have sadly never - thus far - met in the flesh. I will never say never, Rain. Never ;) It started off with just another one of those cyber-sex meetings between completely anonymous, dying-to-get-off individuals in an Internet card game room (I was read Sex Story
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  18. I crave mommy's warm wet pussy

    9/15/2016: Well were do I start... I can't explain why I'm so sexually attracted my my own mom but I am, I remember the first time...my mom likes to drink and fall asleep and one evening she had passed out and my girlfriend was upstairs sleeping I couldn't resist the urge to touch my mommy oh my it felt so good. I pulled her clothes of slowly trying not to wake her took her bra off and sucked on my moms big read Sex Story
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  19. Oh no it might be heredity

    9/15/2016: Ok, ok, OK! Totally over the top, deviant and …probably deserve any of the consequences. No excuses but will lay out the groundwork. Have…I mean had been married a little bit over seventeen years. The bliss full years I could count on one hand. Still, we managed to produce two fine children. Both were born in the first couple of years of our marriage when the bliss was at it’s greatest. Sex was an read Sex Story
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  20. Turning my best friend gay...PART 2

    9/14/2016: Part 2: Weeks went on and I was getting nowhere with Mike. Sure, a couple of nights each week we would find ourselves parked in the trees off of some dirt backroad, talking about the girls we wanted to fuck and masturbating to them, which still got my heart racing as I watched Mike stroke that beautiful cock, but I still wanted more. Now and then I would jokingly bring up sucking each other, but a read Sex Story
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