1. How i became addickted.

    8/8/2016: How it all started It was a warm summer night, and i was laying on the bed next to him, as only the street light outlined us through the blinds, my mind was racing yet again.. As i put my hand under the sheets to adjust my boxershorts, i saw his sheets start to move.. as i turned my head, he went back to sleep. I tested him. I again moved my hand under the sheets, this time in a certain rythm read Sex Story
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  2. Twin Japanese Nieces Pt28

    8/8/2016: Twin Japanese Nieces Pt28 One of the benefits of having a wife like Kayko was being able to make love with her as much as I wanted without the slightest complaint. After having been away from the house for ten days I had a lot of pent up energy, and the videos that I watched every night was just added fuel for the desire already present. I am honestly surprised that she was not walking bow legged read Sex Story
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  3. my first spanish girlfriend

    8/7/2016: Story revised, I lost access to the first account so I am posting all of my stories again. Summer had just finished when I started taking afternoon classes at the local community college. I didn't have a car so I took the bus to and from school everyday. My parents helped me get an apartment so that I won’t have to commute too far to get to school. About a few months into school everything was read Sex Story
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  4. ( 7 )Joy gets paid this time for her fun

    8/7/2016: Grant was working away again, when Steve rung and asked if we wanted to meet up for more fun, I told him it would just be me, but yes I was keen to repeat my last lot of fun with the guys, some 20 hours of near content fucking by them all, I was told to arrive early Saturday afternoon and be horny. I thought about telling Grant before I went, but knew he would wank himself silly while I was there, read Sex Story
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  5. fucking my hot female friends

    8/7/2016: This story is about two hot female friends of me who I fucked. I will just use the first letter of their name, just in cases… At first there is A, she is a hot blonde with a nice ass and not very big boobs. I know her for a very long time and we became good friends. Then there is J, a girl that I know from friends. She has a boyfriend but that didn’t really matter to me. She is a Latina with nice read Sex Story
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  6. Getting drunk with my best friend

    8/7/2016: **This story is completely true. Names have been changed (obviously) as well as ages to comply with site rules** At the time all of this happened I was 18, beginning my senior year of high school. My name's Jake; I'm 5'9, 150 pounds, and I play baseball for the school, so I'm in pretty good shape. My hair is medium brown, average length, and my eyes are green. My dick is just under 8 inches long, read Sex Story
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  7. bound and fucked

    8/6/2016: I had you tied to my bowflex. You were blindfolded and you were on your back. Your arms tied to the back of it above your head. Your feet were tied up to the bar overhead and a rope wrapped around the back of your knees keeping them tight to your chest. Your ass was stickin up just off the bench from the tension on your legs. Your pink pussy bared to the air and your tigh little asshole easily read Sex Story
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  8. My Luscious Step Mom ch. 02

    8/5/2016: After are camping weekend my step mom's initial intent was to bring us all closer but if anything it brought me an her closer and pushed my dad away as he was always spending a lot of time out with his friends. Sarah suspected he was cheating on her because sometimes he we would never come home an would have texts on his phone of meeting up with women he called his 'friends', she later found out read Sex Story
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  9. BBW threesome

    8/5/2016: I am 5'5", brown hair, blue eyes, you can call me Mae, and actually I'm quite pretty, except for the fact that I'm over weight. I'm one of those girls that always gets the "you'd be so pretty if you lost weight" backhanded compliment. So I've never gone out with anyone or had sex with anyone, boy or girl (I'm bisexual). Which is a huge issue because I get horny so easily. Everyone thinks I'm so read Sex Story
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  10. VIGNETTES II - Coming Home

    8/2/2016: Introduction - If you want to know more about me read my first story "Vignettes I". When I came out of the Army, I had been trained for a war that never came. I had spent more time in the woods than in civilization and had become cold and hard. I had peaked at 205# with a 28" waist and my legs were heavy from hundreds of miles of running and hiking. The rest was expanding from my waist through my read Sex Story
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  11. Under the Bridge 2/3

    8/1/2016: There we were. Alex and I under the bridge during a mid summer day. He was knelt in front of my abdomen and was unbuttoning my pants. He pulled down my shorts and left my underwear still on. My raging hard on was throbbing against my tented boxers. He pulled them down leaving his face inches from my dick. I could feel his warm breath against my balls as he began to lick. He started at my sack and read Sex Story
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  12. my two wives part 1

    7/31/2016: MY TWO WIVES PART I I am not the author of this story. Chapter 1 JACK’S NARRATIVE I first met Carol when she was a virginal 16 and I was19. We got on well together, and after dating for a couple of years we had gotten married, when she reached 18. She was no stunner by any means, but was very attractive, 5 feet 6 inches tall, slightly over weight but not fat, with a beautifully proportioned read Sex Story
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  13. First With a Monster

    7/31/2016: It was my first time with a man. I turned 21 the day before, and somewhere along my binge of top shelf alcohol, I ran into Jimmy Kristol. Ironically Jimmy’s rock hard dick was straining vainly for freedom from the boxer briefs he still wore. How I ended up here, in my bedroom, completely naked and seconds away from being fucked by a hung hot guy, I don’t quite know. It was around midnight when read Sex Story
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  14. Mom doing anything for kids has a new meaing - 2

    7/29/2016: He decided after seeing me in the pool, the time had come to see how much more he could get me to reveal. I was so willing that he spent this morning with his cock buried deep in my now very tender pussy. I have never been fucked as he fucked me in my life. I didn’t know it could be so exciting. I am not sure where he learned how to do it but he was masterful and confident every step of the way. I read Sex Story
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  15. From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 11 re-posted

    7/29/2016: From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 11 re-posted Edited by a friend. True Story, Author's infos Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A Posted Fri 4th of January 2013 No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent. A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is read Sex Story
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  16. The Price of Fantasy

    7/25/2016: My hubby caught me on this website a few weeks ago and has since read my two stories which I hadn't shared with him before. He was turned on to say the least. He suggested that we share our story about my fulfilling his fantasy of watching me with another man on his 35th birthday. We have told it from his point of view. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did reliving it: I’ll relate what happened read Sex Story
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  17. Visiting family continues

    7/24/2016: When Todd walked in for breakfast today, I wanted to crawl under the table and take him in my mouth. But with our mom sitting there, I had to push the urge down. I would sneak glances at him and, when mom was reading the paper, he would wink at me. All through breakfast I could feel my shorts getting moist. At 9, mom got up and left for work. I got up and cleared the table. I made a point to brush read Sex Story
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  18. Never have I ever

    7/24/2016: Well, this happened a week after my 21st birthday. One of my best mates (Nathan) and I were playing Kings Cup. It was just the two of us so it wasn't really much of a game. Just a lot of drinking. He made the rule "no pants". So when I drew a rule card I said "no undies". We've seen each other naked plenty of times so it wasn't a big deal or anything. We ended up playing "never have I ever". I read Sex Story
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  19. Sharing Dawn Again

    7/23/2016: Sharing Dawn Again Continued from, My first Time Sharing Dawn After Dawn left, Dave and I settled back into our routines. He was making the “perfect mix tape” and I was finishing up an article in a magazine. I kept reading the same paragraph over and over and couldn’t comprehend what I was reading. I put the magazine down and sit up on my bed and looked his direction. Without looking up from his read Sex Story
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  20. Threeway Fun

    7/22/2016: After a long cold winter, my sister in law Mary and I decided it was time to get out of the house and go see some of my friends.We decided to stop over at Joe's house and drink a few beers with him since we hadn't seen him in almost 3 months.After about 5 beers a piece and a whole lot of bullshitting I noticed Joe staring at Mary's tits. Mary is a very attractive woman. Shes five foot six, dark read Sex Story
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