1. My Sex Life - Part One

    6/2/2017: I'm 33 and from England and have decided to start documenting my sex life, as a sort of blog. First I will confess I have had many sexual partners. I have nearly always played safe and I have been regularly checked. I do this because, ultimately, I love sex. I absolutely love it and I want to try everything with all different kinds of people, as you will soon find out - if I keep the blog going, read Sex Story
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  2. My Sister's Friend Nicole

    6/2/2017: This is an entirely true story and I will try to tell it as accurately as I can remember. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you want the second part. My name is Kevin and this is the story of my summer before college. It was the summer after I graduated high school and I was glad to have the summer to relax before I started college. I had a sister, Caitlin, a year older than me who had finished read Sex Story
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  3. Meeting James Chapter 9

    5/31/2017: I sat on the large couch in the middle of the great room of the suite, slowly sipping my coffee. My legs were pulled up in a fetal position with my arms wrapped securely around them. I felt so tired from only getting a couple of hours of sleep, yet my mind was whirling almost uncontrollably as I mentally replayed the events of the previous evening. In the short time, I had been with James, we had read Sex Story
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  4. European Adventure

    5/30/2017: I was growing restless. I had been in Europe for two months on my yearlong study abroad program and nothing had happened for me. All my nights going out and experiencing different bars, clubs and parties and not one guy had taken interest in me. My frustrations were mounting; the gay scene in Paris wasn’t like it was in the United States. Since my last two relationships, being involved with other read Sex Story
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  5. Cowgirl's Real Story

    5/28/2017: In rodeo, dangerous loses… Reckless Kills… I am Lizzy As a child I saw Tarzan almost naked. Cinderella arrived home alone after midnight. Aladdin was a thief, Batman drove over two hundred miles an hour. Snow White lived with seven men. Shaggy and Scooby were mystery solving hippies that had the munchies. Auntie Em, Hate you! Hate Kansas! Taking the damn dog, Lizzy. And so my life begins… read Sex Story
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  6. The process of taking someone through the 12 steps

    5/26/2017: The process of taking someone through the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous People will approach you to take the through the big book and when they do approach you ask them: 1 do you want what I have? 2 what are you willing to do to get it? 3. Have the person read the first 164 pages of the big book and after for them to call you Read it, just read it Don’t bug them, do not ask them where they are read Sex Story
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  7. There is a first time for everything :)

    5/26/2017: I was 14 at the time...My mom had recently remarried and it was our first holiday as a new family. Christmas was just around the corner. My moms new husband (bill) had invited some of his family out to the west coast to spend our holiday with us. His sister Stacy came to visit with her nine year old daughter. My new cousins name was Stephanie..She was sorta a quiet girl who didn't say much but u read Sex Story
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  8. 7] You Never Know Who Desires You.

    5/23/2017: If you are disturbed by young/mature gay sex please do not read. This is a true story though some alterations have been made to comply with legal requirements. Please leave your comments/feedback. You Never Know Who Desires You. Quite a few years ago, in the dark ages when the internet had just come to this country, there were very few sites catering to gays. One of these was Tamil Sex .Com, a read Sex Story
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  9. My 1st gay sex

    5/21/2017: This is a true story of how I started IF your under age PLEASE LEAVE NOW.. I was 14 and my sports teacher Mr B married and 45 asked to stay back and help him with the gear. We went to pee and he caught me looking at his cock and asked if I want to touch it When I said I did he locked the doors to the change came up behind me kissing my neck and put his hands down my shorts playing with my cock and read Sex Story
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  10. maa ko chodne ki kahani

    5/20/2017: Mera naam Saketh hai, main delhi ka rahne wala hoon. Our main apni pehli story aap ke samne pesh kar raha hoon or ye kahani meri or meri maa ke beech ki sacchi ghatna per aadharit hai.To jyada bore na karte hue mai sidhe kahani per aata hoon. Ye kahani hai aaj se 4 saal pehle ki jab main 9th standard me padhta tha. Main aapko apni maa ke bare me kuch bata dena chahta hoon meri maa ka naam Siwani read Sex Story
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    5/19/2017: This is the completely true story of our first ever visit to a swingers club and how it led to my wife’s first interracial experience. I’ve stayed true to the events and emotions so that the reader can immerse themselves and feel what it REALLY feels like to experience the wild world of swinging. All the characters are real so join me into the dark erotic world of swinging Let me introduce myself, read Sex Story
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  12. Pure Strip Poker - 3

    5/17/2017: I picked Mary up at her dorm the next night and we walked over to the theater, where we were suppose to meet the others. "I talked to Sharon today," Mary said as we walked along. "She is fine. You don't need to worry about her. She is already figuring out what to do for the next game, assuming, of course, that you don't chicken out. Sharon really has some interesting ideas for the next game." "I read Sex Story
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  13. A nice male friendship

    5/16/2017: Mauricio and Leonardo, are two 22 years old college students. The first, white skin, brown hair, is studying Electrical Engineering and, the second, also white, black hair, is a Law student. Most of the upper and middle class people in Brazil are Portuguese´s descendants (Brazil was colonized by Portugal 1500-1822) or immigrants from other European countries. They are friends since the time of read Sex Story
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  14. Kennethmorgan explicit sex with VickyJames.

    5/11/2017: I was going through a career change, so my wife started working to help us through. She is a very pretty girl, very sweet natured. We had been married for 5 years then and had an angel of a daughter. My wife is very conservative and not a whole lot interested in sex, which why what's in this story actually happened. Because my wife was working and so was I, my father-in-law suggested to let my read Sex Story
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  15. What Happens in Vegas - Round 2

    5/10/2017: What Happens in Vegas - Round 2 Diane proceeded to remove a bunch of cards. "We don't need all the cards for round 2." Everyone took a bathroom break, topped up drinks and then moved back to the sitting area. Diane had changed into something more comfortable. She was wearing a long almost beach dress. IT hugged her breasts, and flowed with every step. It looked like silk, so it had to be read Sex Story
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  16. New Years Eve

    5/8/2017: New Years Eve Jason had accepted a job in the office at a mine in Northern Canada in the fall of 1972. He was 24 years old, 6 feet tall, 150 lbs., quiet and shy and the only people he knew all worked at the mine. He had been in invited to spend Christmas with a family at the campsite which he enjoyed and had helped him forget about being so far from home. Several of the families had befriended him read Sex Story
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  17. My wife part 1

    5/7/2017: Caught the wife. To my Surprise. This is what I get i suppose, for coming home early. I met Cindy, my wife, through the girl I was dating, one of the classical stories. My friends were telling me I was going to marry her even before I knew. Well that’s another story. Corporate moves had relocated us a number of times around the states, so twelve years, and two children later, we find ourselves in read Sex Story
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  18. Dee Dee and our elderly neighbor

    5/6/2017: Back in 1975, my young wife and I had moved from our hometown to El Paso, Texas. I had taken a job there and we moved about 700 miles early that summer. As I have told in my stories earlier, we had purchased a house with a swimming pool. I worked various shifts in my job and my wife was unemployed and staying at home working around the house. Our home was in a quiet neighborhood. We had two read Sex Story
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  19. A Midnight Swim & Grant the Pool Attendant

    5/5/2017: At University, I often used to swim late at night in the pool at the Students’ Union; it was always quiet and I often had the whole pool to myself. One of the attendants was really nice looking. He was in his late 20’s, quite tall and lean but with broad shoulders; clean-shaven but with a thick mop of fair hair. He was slightly olive-skinned and his powerful arms were complemented by the white read Sex Story
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    5/5/2017: ALISON UNCOVERED 2 This is the continuing adventures with my new found friend, a married english gal, just moved into my local village…and who I wickedly seduced and opened her up to a new vibrant world of sex. Husbands away, wives go out to play, especially when plied with the local wines. Alison and I returned to my home after an outrageous outing to St. Tropez market. Watching (and read Sex Story
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