1. Military Wife Blow Job Lessons

    12/29/2017: After a while my ex and I started to have some friends among other Jr. officers and their wives. I found that they were in general, prudes, and that the husbands complained all the time about them not doing oral on them and a couple that did not care for any contact with their mouths to a cock My ex and I laughed about it a lot and then one day he came home and said, "Hey, the guys wana know if read Sex Story
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  2. My Brother/Son and His New Wife

    12/26/2017: Well, my Brother/Son, Mark is here with his lovely new wife. She is a little plus sized but very proprotioned and has a lovely hour glass figure. She is about 5'5" and has red hair and a lovely face that stops a lot of people to look at her aside from her body which is so hot. She is a 42EEE and her nipples are puffies which is unusual for a plus sized girl. My brother/son, Mark, called one day, read Sex Story
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  3. First kiss

    12/26/2017: True story. So for security purposes the girl will be named 'Amy'. Also if I go off track by just describing her, I'm not sorry. If you met her you'd be in the exact position as I was and I am in now. You may say that being 19 and not ever been kissed by a girl is bullshit. But I did get a lot of girls running after me, begging me to date them and what not. However I wasn't like the rest of the read Sex Story
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  4. One night in Bangkok

    12/24/2017: ‘You wan’ go Boom Boom?’ he yelled back, sticking a finger through the circle he’d made with the thumb and fore finger of the other hand. ‘Yes, Boom Boom.’ Now don’t get me wrong here, it’s not like I’d done this a thousand times, or even a couple of times but hey, I was in Bangkok on my own with a hard on, thanks to my blessed brother’s Viagra, and besides a million other men had done it before read Sex Story
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  5. Ripe For Picking - Part 1

    12/21/2017: Ripe For Picking - Part 1 By Kevin Moore I was eighteen years old in the summer of 1970, although a good many people said that I looked more like a sixteen-year-old. I was tall and gangly, with blue eyes and blond hair. My uncut cock was only five-inches long and attached to a tiny, round ball-sac; however, when it was fully erect, it was as hard as nails. My arse was also small, with a prominent read Sex Story
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  6. destiney

    12/21/2017: How do you know when you have met the one? Does he arrive on a magic carpet, declaring his love for you, then you feel your heart bursting out of your chest (but in a less gory way). Or is it more simple then that? A simple feeling of joy you feel whenever your together. Nobody tells you these things your just expected to know who's the right one, even though people always get involved. Maybe its read Sex Story
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  7. The Meeting Chapter Two; The Seduction

    12/20/2017: The Meeting Chapter two: The Seduction I was filled with a nervous excitement all day as I kept remembering Willie’s words. I showered, shaved my legs and pussy making sure my pussy was soft and slick, even rubbing moisturizer on my mons, which of course had me rubbing my clit cumming my ass off thinking that I may have to renege on my statement that I wouldn’t do anything yet. I couldn’t believe read Sex Story
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  8. Me and My Step Brother

    12/19/2017: Its starts off like this my dad had just met this women whom happen to have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 daughter. I met this oldest son first (the one who I would eventually put my cock inside) then I met the youngest son (who I still have sex with to this day), The oldest son shook my hand and gave me a look. Now at the moment I thought nothing of it, but as I thoughtabout it some more I realized it read Sex Story
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  9. A deal with Lucy

    12/17/2017: I guess everyone has been in a relationship that was going nowhere, but they were too lazy to break up. That’s where I was with Lucy. But I can’t say it was difficult to stay with her, either. I stayed with her for the same reasons I noticed her in the first place – namely that she was smoking hot. Slim, blonde and petite at only 5’3”, Lucy attracted attention wherever she went. She was also read Sex Story
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  10. Wendy after the party

    12/16/2017: This is what happened one night at a party. Wendy my wife is 35 weighs about 135 pounds and is 5’8” her tits are a D cup. We have been married for 15 years and have two kids but from the way here body looks it is hard to tell. She has always been very conservative about her dress and showing off her body. I had always wanted her to show off more and had even tried to get her to talk about it while read Sex Story
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  11. My affair part 3

    12/16/2017: Part 3 The sex on those two days was wonderful and it carried over with my husband at home and I was so happy. The only time we missed Thursdays was if he was away on a trip or I had my period. That didn’t bother him but it did me so he decided that we still had those Thursdays but not in a motel. We would go to a public park and I would satisfy him with a blow job. There was a lot of excitement read Sex Story
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  12. Chance Meeting and Then it All GEts Better

    12/16/2017: Hey everyone, been busy as usual and had some time, soooo, I was at the mall one afternoon and saw a familiar face. Our eyes met and she walked over to me. It was a student from the classes I had taught at a high school but two years had passed now and Allyson had blossomed a lot. She had been shy and withdrawn and not much of a figure, very tomboyish but now her curves were very nice and smooth read Sex Story
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