1. My cousin Jo and I, Part 4

    6/28/2018: My cousin Jo and I, Part 4 Of course I’m still semi hard from listening to her masterbate in the bathroom. I had no clue girls did that too. She pulls her hand back . Jo laughs again. “Boy you get worked up easy” “Well I have never had a girl do what you do to me.” Smiling she says “Good then I can have fun teaching and teasing you.” I’m thinking I can’t wait teach me now. Just about then mom read Sex Story
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  2. Jamilias booty

    6/25/2018: The tightest ass I ever tapped was that of my freaky ex named Jamilia. She was this tall, skinny Jamaican chick who lived in the same apartment complex as me a few years back. I lived there for three years. The first few months i lived there I'd see walking through or around the complex quite often and i eventually introduced myself to her and i actually fucked her that same night. But that story read Sex Story
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  3. Spying on my Stepmom

    6/24/2018: My name is James and this is my story. My parents got divorced when I was 5 years old and my dad started living with a woman named Sue shortly after. My younger brother Ian and I switched between living with our mom and our dad throughout our childhood. Even though our parents were divorced, they got along well enough for our sake and we were fairly happy with the situation, even when Sue started read Sex Story
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  4. My fist sexual experience with my teacher

    6/24/2018: Hi I'm John and this is the story of my first sexual experience.It was senior year around Christmas time and our class was having a little activity after school. This activity was just to wrap gifts for charities and we also had food and movies. I should probably explain my appearance before I continue. I was about 5'6" and I had a really small penis, like 2 inches! I was also chubby(growing up read Sex Story
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  5. The day I get a step brother. Part 1

    6/24/2018: My name's Megan and I'm sixteen years old. I'm about 5'6 and have a 36 c sized boobs and a huge butt. Wouldn't say I'm the dirtiest girl in school but I wear a lot of tight jeans and low cut shirts wear if you go on your knees and look up you can see my boobs. I have brown hair with blonde highlights. Today me and my dad are moving in with his new girlfriend Katie. I had a sister but my mom took read Sex Story
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  6. My First Time

    6/23/2018: There he was, sitting on the couch in my living room. God, he was so hot...tall, buff and anxious. I didn't want to admit it but I knew what he was anxious for. His name was Brock and there he sat on my couch, barefoot, dressed in kaki cargo pants and a tight blue t-shirt. I noticed his eyes wandering towards me. I was just in Levis shorts and a white T-shirt. "So," Brock said, almost startling me read Sex Story
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    6/20/2018: Prolog: About once a month, sometimes twice a month I have a dream. I wake up in a cold sweat from the dream and I have no idea why I keep having the dream. The Dream: For some reason which I can not recall we had been fighting about something. Gary asked me to put on a pair of jeans and a blouse. He tells me that it’s such a beautiful evening were going to go for a ride in the car with the top read Sex Story
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  8. Boys Watching Me Play With My Pussy

    6/19/2018: Hi everyone. Something that happened a while back. I was visiting my parents for a couple weeks and really enjoying the nude sunbathing and swimming in their pool. It had a nice privacy fence but Mom told me that there were neighbors that were always working on ways to see over it and through it. Especially the boys next door and their friends. A couple days there and they had already seen me come read Sex Story
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  9. Dutch lessons: Ch.1: Free at last

    6/19/2018: Chapter 1: Free at last Swirling around me is a vibrant, pulsing, teenage party. It’s loud and dark and steamy. The music pumps, surges and shudders with a deeply pounding, bass reverb. I feel confused; almost dizzy. My head spins. These Dutch kids certainly know how to do it … whatever “it” might mean around here, in my weird and wonderful new world. To be honest, I’ve only a vague idea what “it” read Sex Story
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  10. Moving On - Chapter 1

    6/18/2018: Moving On Chapter 1 I had never thought the day I broke up with my girlfriend would be the day I was going to ask her to prom. Ashley and I, we were a perfect fit for each other. We both laughed at the same things, enjoyed the same food, and listened the same music. Even though she was a year older, we shared a bond like no other couple, always going out of our ways to cheer the other up or bring read Sex Story
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  11. Meeting James Chapter 5

    6/15/2018: I excitedly waited for my classmates to walk down the steps of the large amphitheater style auditorium and file out the door. It was 11:00 a.m. on Friday, my last class of the day, and I was felt so anxious I couldn't stand myself. James was in town and we would be spending our first full weekend together. His flight landed at eight this morning and I wanted to skip my economics and finance read Sex Story
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  12. Walsall Pubs I

    6/14/2018: Walsall Pubs I Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries is not the world’s best employer, especially if you were one of their legions of pub managers in the 90s. The wife and I were unemployed, both having been made redundant, me after 4 months, she just before they needed to pay redundancy. Neither of us had transferable skills, I had sold but it is difficult to find that kind of employment in your read Sex Story
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