1. A Prequel to Too Much Red Wine

    9/6/2017: A PREQUEL TO ‘TOO MUCH RED WINE’ and RENE This my true account of living in the hinterland of St.Tropez, in the South of France, and before I met up with the beautiful Weimeraner, René. It is purely an account of a lesbian, and her strait-laced, hetro, married woman. No, no doggie interest in this story. It is quite long but like my lovemaking, I like to take my time in trying to explain and read Sex Story
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  2. Three Day Leave Day Two

    9/3/2017: Three Dave Leave - DAY 2 A knock on the door awakened Doug early the next morning and he quickly beat a path to the adjoining bathroom. After relieving himself, he took a quick shower under the tepid flow of water, shaved, and brushed hid teeth. Entering the kitchen, he was delighted to see a demure, though glowing, Maria talking to her mother. She was explaining they would be spending the day at read Sex Story
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  3. Hero Worship & Nocturnal Emissions - Part 2

    9/3/2017: The inside of my thigh was damp and sticky, where I had oozed so much pre-cum inside my own pyjamas. The stuff was everywhere and Michael, meanwhile, had just rolled onto his stomach, on top of a load of his own spurting cum that had fallen on the sheets. PART TWO The next morning, my pyjamas showed little trace of the night before, although they were still slightly damp to my touch. Michael must read Sex Story
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  4. ALISON UNCOVERED 3 Chapter 2

    9/2/2017: Chapter Two After we lay quiet for a while, the two cocks still embedded in me….the filling of the sandwich, we staggered to the shower. It was big enough for the three of us and I could only sit on the tiles and get soaked. A soapy hand lifted my arm and flexed my fingers and were slipped into a warm cosy place. Looking up in the spray, Joelle had pushed my fingers into her bald pussy, and with read Sex Story
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  5. Cheating Bridesmaid

    9/2/2017: I was a bridesmaid several months ago at my friend's wedding. Her soon to be husband was from Scotland so he flew over with a group of his English friends. I was pleasantly surprised because they were all quite cute and tall, and spoke with the most arousing accents. We spent several days prior to the wedding all hanging out together taking pictures and building up to the wedding. I hit it off read Sex Story
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  6. Speedo Stains Tell Tales

    8/31/2017: Have you ever fantasized about wearing someone else’s soiled underwear or swim-shorts? Well I have and I’ve got to write this down quickly because it happened only last week and it was one of the horniest, sexiest experiences I can remember! It happened at the swimming-pool where I go two or three times a week, quite early in the morning. It’s a modern pool, shared with the Secondary School next read Sex Story
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  7. My wife is 54

    8/30/2017: My wife is 54 years old ,we have been married for 18 years. So, the sex life has gotten almost not existent. Even during the early days it was usually Mission position, the occasional blow job, but never anal or different positions. She is a nurse in a correctional institution here, and as the years went on she relented on the anal sex and usually preferred that to having her pussy fucked. She is read Sex Story
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  8. Teasing Wife

    8/29/2017: When I met my wife, Jackie, the first time I thought that she was very sexy and somewhat of a cock teaser. She dressed provocatively and did a lot of touching. It wasn’t hard to fall for her and I thought at the time that her teasing behavior was just because she loved me. After we got married, I realized that she liked to tease all of the men. At first that bothered me and I was jealous, but read Sex Story
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  9. The creampie my stepmom made for me part 1

    8/29/2017: When I was 18 years old, my friends persuaded me to join an "adult fun site". Back then, it was a joke, and everything seemed extremely fun at the time. My friends and i would chat to other horny women, and laugh at what they responded to our dirty talk. It was all good fun But I became obsessed with the site. I went on there more often without my friends, and started to actually become serious read Sex Story
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  10. Old Friends New Lovers #4 Friends meet the Monster

    8/27/2017: Old Friends New Lovers #4 Friends meet the Monster Bonnie – WF, mid 50's, 5’, 140 lbs. with soft 38 D’S Shellie - WF, mid 30's, 5’ 8”, 140 lbs with firm 42 DD’S Roger – WM, mid 30's, 6’ 4”, slim & tanned with a really BIG cock Kathy - WF, mid 50's, 5’ 2” 110 lbs with small 32 A’s She is very passionate, tastes good and her ass is still tight! I REALLY enjoyed taking her anal virginity! I love her read Sex Story
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    8/25/2017: MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 29 A DAY OUT WITH NEETA My husband was out for two days on an urgent official work. He left in the morning and I was feeling loneliness at my home. Suddenly, I remembered Neeta, my one time lesbian partner to have some fun sex with her. I called her on her mobile. She told me that she is going to see a movie and she asked me to join her to have some fun at cinema read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Lesbian, Written by women, Author: Julee Sam, Source: sexstories.com
  12. First time humiliated

    8/25/2017: Right before I meet my husband in 1980, I was out with some girlfriends drinking flirting with guys, we stopped off at a bar that was frequented by Americans, we had a few beers and a couple of shots, one guy a bit older than the rest, (18 to 22) he was around 30 kept hitting on me we danced , talked, played some pool, he would put his arm around me, brushing my boobs a lot, pat my ass, feel me read Sex Story
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  13. Just the start

    8/22/2017: May 1, 2014, Today is the second day with a new owner, Master James, but first I need to start with an introduction, my name is Kayleigh but I am also known as slave, slut, pet, and whore. My past and previous experiences are rough full of abusive relationships and being used, ironic that I’m this way today huh? I’ve had five masters in my past, and I’ve been used in many ways, some might call me read Sex Story
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  14. Laundry with Rebecca

    8/21/2017: Laundry with Rebecca The story is slow starting but told as accurate as I can remember. This occurred in the fall of 2008 in my Midwest hometown. My wife and were having problems and divorce was looking certain. If her parents and friends would just stay out of our lives, I really thought we could save the marriage. We married young and I enlisted in the Marine Corps instead of the college option read Sex Story
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  15. Meeting Tracy

    8/20/2017: I was a horny little teenager. That probably doesn't set me apart from most of the guys writing on this site. What might, though, is the fact that I did very little about it until later in my high school "career." From the time I was 10 and figured out that thinking about the Pretty Blonde Girl in my class would somehow make my penis stand up straight, until I was 15, I hadn't so much as kissed a read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, First Time, Masturbation, Teen, Author: davidson_tom, Source: sexstories.com
  16. Wife Fucks Her Younger Brother

    8/18/2017: In My Wife Fucks Her Brother I told you about the time Sue fucked her older brother. This is the true story of when she fucked her younger brother. My stories may not be as racy as some of the fantasy stories written on this site, but truth usually is milder than made up stories on what one would like to happen. By the way in all my stories the names have been changed to protect the guilty. (The read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Consensual Sex, Incest, Wife / MILF, Author: JayBird69, Source: sexstories.com
  17. Obeying Katie Ch02

    8/18/2017: I arrived promptly at 6pm with a duffel full of toys, restraints, plugs, dildos etc... that I had acquired over 10 years. My ex-wife particularly liked the we-vibe and the rabbit. (I liked the butt toys). My ex would do some things with my ass if I asked but I could tell she didn’t like it so I quit asking. She actually liked it when I fucked her in the ass though so I thought it was selfish of read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Female Domination, Pegging, Author: sissytoy4her, Source: sexstories.com
  18. Sue's New Job

    8/17/2017: I will start off by saying that I never believed the stories in these posts were true….until my experience. I now think there is a strong possibility that some are true experiences. My experience began around two years ago while on vacation in the Caribbean. My wife Sue and I were relaxing at an all- inclusive resort, just enjoying the sun and having a few drinks. Sue was in her early thirties at read Sex Story
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  19. Me and the sister

    8/16/2017: Me and My sister "Lucy" were the usual brother and sister type always arguing and fighting, but that was all soon to change, I was 15 at the time 5ft11, about the average build and was roughly 6 inches, where as Lucy was 17 5ft 8, blonde hair , D cup breast ,beautiful blue eyes and had a body to die for. At the time I didn't have many friends but didn't get to see them much seem as we had just read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Incest, Masturbation, Teen, Author: Wesman20, Source: sexstories.com
  20. Latex Catsuit Sex

    8/14/2017: Latex Catsuit Sex I am not very good at writing stories, but I would like to share some of my kinky passions with you all. I love to dress in kinky, provocative and feminine outfits; some for public wear and some only acceptable in the bedroom. I love heels or boots, pantyhose and stretch vinyl but, my favorite is latex. I have had a latex fetish my whole life! Even at the age when I was too young read Sex Story
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