1. Sex with a sex story fan

    10/18/2018: I had started posting stories on this site and I started receiving mails from girls. I had heard lot of stories of guys pretending to be girls and robbing guys and black mailing them. My affairs were always with women known to me and I never had any one night stands with unknown women. I replied professionally to my fan mail but one girl was persistent and bold. She wanted to be friends with me read Sex Story
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  2. Francis comes back to town

    10/17/2018: Hi,, I'm Sue, my hubby and I have been swinging for years and love group sex more than any thing, often we play on our own with guys or couples or group's, which ever is happening that day or night. I had met Francis a couple of times before, in orgies at a motel, the last time was with Dave my hubby, and heaps of guys. when we got a phone call from Francis to say he would be back in town and read Sex Story
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  3. sportygirl15

    10/16/2018: I know I'm young but I LOVE sex, but it's so hard to find boys my age who would do what I ask. For about a year now I've been on some adult chat rooms looking for sexy men to take care of my body. Christmas break had just started and I was online when I had the best chat session of my life! Lookingtolove: Heyy :) how are you today? sportygirl15: I'm good ;) a little bit horny but good read Sex Story
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  4. Sneak peek in the mart

    10/16/2018: Hi, I'm Cocoa from Brazil. I'm a 37-year-old black woman with curvy body. Except for the height, I'm a little tall, I'm around 5'7", my body shape is more less on Nicki Minaj style. Black long hair and dark brown eyes, ebony lips. My current stats are around 33-28-45.Yes I have a big booty and that's probably my most iconic feature. And OK, enough talking about me. I'm sorry for those who expect read Sex Story
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  5. Her Best Friend's Husband Spent the Night

    10/16/2018: For a little background, this occurred after Janice and I had been married for about thirteen years. Bill and his wife had known Janice since she was in elementary school and she always spent a considerable amount of time with them. His wife was one of her best friends both when Janice was a child and then as an adult. Two or three years after we married we moved into a place that was down the read Sex Story
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  6. My New Playmate Chpt. 01

    10/15/2018: I'm Mitch. I'm 21 now, but during the events of this story, I was only 16 and had happened to meet the most amazing girl ever. Sadly, she moved away from me and I have yet to find her... It had been close to two weeks since our new neighbors had moved into the upstairs apartment. They decided to stop by and introduce themselves. The mother, Kimberly, had just been promoted to a six-figure income read Sex Story
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  7. stepping out of my comfort zone

    10/15/2018: I'm not really the party type. I mean I like parties, but I'm not the type to go all crazy at them. Usually I'll kind of sit back and watch everyone act like idiots. I guess if I drink I can loosen up some but I don't always drink, and I don't always loosen up when I do. But I like loosening up even though I'm really bad at it. This time at a party though I just kinda let go and let someone else read Sex Story
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  8. Shelly's Secret Chapter 1

    10/14/2018: Shelly’s Secret (True Father-Daughter Incest Story) By Greg & Shelly My name is Greg. This is a true story that really happened when was still at home. I was eighteen at the time and had just discovered about sex. Listening to some older guys had clued me in as to parts of it. I was always playing with myself, but I was not all that sure what sex was all about just yet. I had already been having read Sex Story
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  9. My Favorite Kind of Seduction

    10/14/2018: Hey everyone, Sorry have not written much lately. I have not been as active as I was and am still recovering but am almost ready to get back into some fun. This happened a few years ago when I did not have a steady roommate. I worked at a store and there were a lot of men and women that came in from diferent cultures. Japanese, Hispanic, Black and White. No one really attracted me or even flirted read Sex Story
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  10. Sharing Cindy Chapter 14 "Louie And Cliff Take Her"

    10/14/2018: Sharing Cindy Chapter14 After Cindy got hired on at the Harley dealer, we began to really embrace the biker lifestyle. I am not talking the whole “Sons of Anarchy” bike gang thing, but more the weekend warrior type thing. We enjoyed riding in Poker Runs with hundreds of other bikers. We enjoyed the parties that were always happening. We especially enjoyed the fact that the women liked to show off read Sex Story
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  11. First time was bad time for my wife

    10/13/2018: I like a lot of guys, I have been wanting to watch my wife Jen with another guy. I always got aroused when I saw other guys check her out or flirt with her. She is 47, 5'10" and in incredible shape. She is a lifelong fitness gal and currently an aerobics instructor. Our sex life is wonderful and adventurous but noticed she was always a little bit reserved when the topic of sex or intimacy came up read Sex Story
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  12. Milestone

    10/13/2018: Milestone That is what it is, a milestone of life that requires something put into the bucket list. My fortieth birthday, the entrenching realization of middle age setting in with a building sense of urgency to experience something or anything that can check mark a life with enough excitement to carry oneself for that long steep decline of age. Maybe a long ways to go, but I was bound and read Sex Story
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