1. A boys first

    10/11/2018: I know that there are age restrictions on here so things wont be perfectly accurate but I think.u should still be able to get a good cum in there. Notice however this is boy/boy or gay and coersive sexual material. If u dont like that then dont read it if u do enjoy! When I was younger I was about 100 pounds or so blonde hair real short I was about 4' 9" something around there. I had a dick size read Sex Story
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  2. Exposing My Wife VII

    10/7/2018: I watched as that thick 10 inch curved uncut Black cock ravaged by wife's virgin ass hole. She met him thrust for thrust slamming her ass hole back into his monster cock. They fucked into each other viciously for close to 10 minutes. He told Debbie that he was ready to cum up her ass. She kept telling him to cum up her married white fucking ass hole. To cum in her ass. The guys with the camcorders read Sex Story
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  3. Isabelle: Chapter 2

    10/7/2018: The next day, I woke up from another dream about Isabelle. I felt so uncomfortable and dirty. I needed to take a shower so I got a new set of clothes for the day and hopped in my shower, turning it all the way up. The water was still cold and not warming up so my shower only lasted for a few minutes before it became unbearable and I had to get out and dry off. I put on my clothes for the day and read Sex Story
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  4. Exposing My Wife I

    10/6/2018: My wife sunbathed at a local lake every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00AM. I would meet her there at noon for lunch and leave at 12:30PM. She stayed there and sunbathed until 1:00PM. We'd been doing that for three weeks, since the week before school started again. We had the whole place to ourselves. She was past the end of the road about twenty yards, surrounded by spruce trees. There was a ten read Sex Story
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  5. Two young tops for me

    10/5/2018: As I have already written before, I have been very lucky to have met some great guys who loved to fuck and fist me, after chatting to someone the other day, reminded me of a couple of guys I met some time ago. Dave lived alone, and I met him one night, he was some 20 years younger than me and well built, once naked his cock was a good 8 inch’s with a slight bend in it. He loved fucking me doggy read Sex Story
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  6. Confessions of a Teenage Slut

    10/4/2018: Confessions of a Teenage Slut By Greg and Maddie First let me say that Maddie is a dear friend of mine. We have been together for a while now. When she learned that I write stories, she offered a tale that I just had trouble passing up. She asked me to put all of it in this story about her life. We both enjoyed working together on this. I am sorry the story runs a little long, but Maddie didn’t read Sex Story
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  7. The True Story of My Second and Third Time

    10/3/2018: This is a true story. Copyright 2014 by the author. Introduction This is the 100% true, (to the best of my recollection) story of the second and third time I had sex. The names have not been changed to protect anybody. The True Story of My Second and Third Time After my unexpected deflowering at the Salt Lake City airport, my life reverted back to its normal, sexless condition. I didn't get the read Sex Story
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  8. Big Blue

    10/2/2018: Big Blue Ruth and I usually watch TV for an hour or so in the evening. We were sitting on our couch in front of the TV while Blue, our two-year-old Bull Terrier, lounged on the sofa with us. Bored by the TV, he went to the door and looked at me. I went to the sliding glass door, pulled it open, and let him out. A few minutes later, he was back at the door wanting. I got up again and opened the read Sex Story
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  9. Two curious friends

    9/30/2018: This is my first attempt at this so please be easy. This is a true story but I will change up our names to keep identity private. If you like please let me know because there are many more to share. This is a true story of two young boys that have been friends forever and got a little curious. We had no idea what we were doing but horny curious boys do crazy things. I'll start of with a little read Sex Story
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  10. Her 3way 4 me 2 see

    9/29/2018: My wife and I were wanting to go see one of our favorite punk bands that night. We didn't hear about the show until the day before, and wouldn't you know it was sold out. We had tried purchasing tickets online, after throwing a bummer, because tickets were gone. I decided to check our emails and see if we had any messages on our swingers site profiles, we have listings on three different sights read Sex Story
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  11. Best friend dare fucking

    9/27/2018: This is the story of when I tried out gay sex. It was years ago, during high school, and my best friend and I were just daring eachother. It wasn't planned, atleast not on my part. Well, we were both 17 year old teen guys and we've been best friends for years. And of course, we were horny all the time, but the area of girls didn't come easy to us. We were hanging out over at his house one day read Sex Story
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  12. Her Night with Mommy – Prequal, Part 1

    9/26/2018: Jazmine chose being an accommodating whore over a decent mother. She wasn’t neglectful, or abusive. She never ceased having a roof over her head or that of her daughter’s, Roxy. The fridge and cupboards were always stacked with food and nutrients. Medical needs were seen to, and clothes were abundant. But the fucking, and cocks, and strangers, and Jazmine being gangbanged and gang raped were never read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story, Anal, Bisexual, Blackmail, Coercion, Exhibitionism, Gay, Group Sex, Prostitution, Reluctance, Teen, Voyeur, Teen, Author: Sam Crownbacksam, Source: sexstories.com